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Paragraph : Wild Animals of Bangladesh

Wild Animals of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to a wide variety of birds animals fishes and trees. Among the wild animals of Bangladesh the most remarkable are the royal Bengal tiger, deer, Elephant, crocodile, monkey, bear, leopard, hog, porcupine, rabbit etc. are remarkable. The royal Bengal tigers are the best known carnivorous animals in Bangladesh. They are found in the Sunderbans. Elephants are found in the Chittagong Hill Tracts and northeastern Sylhet. Different kinds of deer are available in Bangladesh. Among them barking deer, the barasingh (or 12-horned deer) and the sambar deer, are well known. The spotted deer the barking deer and the hog deer are smaller species of deer. There are three types of bears in this country. They are the sloth bear, the Himalayan black bear, and the Malayan sun bear. The Bengal or rhesus monkey is the most common primate in the country. The clouded leopard is dark grey with spots that are oval or oblong in form. It is smaller than the leopard. The jackal, with its eerie howling at night, is a familiar sound in Bangladesh. The mongoose is also a common wild animal. Wild animals are very important for maintaining ecological balance. So it is our duty to save them from extinction.

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