Composition : Value Of Time

Value Of Time

Time is an important factor in our life. It is valuable. The moment it ends, he leaves this world forever. So goes the proverb,
“Time and tide wait for none”

In human life, the time has a great value. Lost money can be regained by hard work, lost health may be regained by taking medicine and eating good food. but time once lost cannot be regained.

Each period of human life has a set of duties. So to neglect a moment of life means to neglect life. As life is a collection of moments. There should be time for study, time for play, time for rest, time for other works and time for prayer and so on. There should be a routine and that should strictly be followed. We should always prepare ourselves for it and never put off anything for tomorrow which can be done today. All the great men of the world have become great by making the best use of time.

The wasting of time is a crime. Those who waste time in vain cannot shine in life. A wise saying goes,
“An idle brain is the devil’s workshop”

It is the idle man who always thinks of evil thoughts. The developed countries save time to use it.

Time is the most valuable treasure. Its proper use brings happiness and prosperity to our lives. So all of us should make proper use of time to find our life meaningful.

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Everything, great or small, has some value. Time has no material shape yet it has value. The value of time can be sensed (উপলব্দি করা) only when I am properly utilized.

Our life is but a collection of moments. It is very short. But we have to do many things in the world. So, to idle away a single moment is to shorten life. It is really a wrong decision to waste away our valuable time.

There is a proverb- “Time and tide wait for none.” We can make up the loss of money by industry, the loss of knowledge by studies and the loss of health by medicine. But the time once lost is gone forever.

We reap the fruits of our activities is our afterlife. If time is whiled away in useless activities the future cannot but be dark. Active persons know the value of time. So they prosper in life and become great. If we look into the great men’s lives, we will get the evidence (প্রমাণ) in favour of it.

Idleness is the root of all evils. It is a great vice and a great danger. Idle men cannot earn their living and have to depend on others.

We should learn a lesson from lower animals. Birds, bees and ants are very active carry on their lives with discipline. Man is the best creation of God. So, we should make proper use of time.

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Time is invaluable. It flows on ceaselessly without considering anything or caring anybody. Our life is a collection of moments (কালেকশন অভ্ মোমেন্টস্ – মুহূর্তের সমষ্টি/সমন্বয়). It is very short. We have to do many things within this short time. So, we must not spend (স্পেন্ড-ব্যয় করা) a single moment in vain (ভেইন-অনর্থক).

We can regain (রিগেইন-ফিরে পাওয়া) our lost health and wealth (ওয়েল্‌থ-ধন-সম্পদ). But time once gone, is gone for ever. Lost wealth can be regain by hard labour or industry, lost knowledge by study, lost health by medicine or care but time can never be regained by anything. So, great is the value of time. There is a proverb (প্রভাব-প্রবাদ) says, “Time and tide (টাইড-স্রোত) wait for none.” Time passed on every quickly. Nothing can stop it for a moment. So, we must make the best use of our time.

Success of life depends on proper use of time. If a farmer makes proper use of his time, he can gain (গেইন-উপার্জন/লাভ) much. If a student reads timely, he/she is sure to succeed. All the great-men in the world have became great by dint of proper use of time. They utilise (ইউটিলাইজ্‌-কাজে লাগান) every moment of their life. They worked day and night. So, they prosper in life. An idle (আইডল-অলস) brain is the devils workshop (ডেবিলস্‌ ওয়ার্কশপ্-শয়তানের কারখানা). He is the burden (বার্ডন-বোঝা/ভার) of society. Everybody hates (হেটস্-ঘৃণা করে) him. So, we must do our work at right time. We must not keep any of our work for future.

Time is more valuable (মূল্যবান). We should not waste (ভ্যালিউয়্যাবল্-দামি/মূল্যবান) it. To neglect (ওয়েস্ট-নষ্ট করা/ধ্বংস করা) a single moment is to neglect life. So, we should make proper use of time.

Same composition collected from another book

There is a proverb that time is not waiting for none. Time passes on very quickly. So‚we must understand the value of it.

Time once lost is lost forever. We can never get it back. If we use our time properly‚ we will surely succeed. So‚ we should make a proper division of our time & try to do our work accordingly.

Student life is the most important part of our life. A student must understand the value of time. They should make a routine of their daily life & follow the routine strictly. Only then‚ they can be sure of their success.

We should learn the value of time from nature. Nature puts forward a lot of examples of the value of time. An ant does not rest for a second. It works all day long to collect food. We should look at them & follow them.

Our life is very short. We must utilize every second of our life to make it successful & meaningful.


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