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Paragraph Group - 3

Paragraph - 11

My Home Town - Chittagong / Chattogram

Chittagong is my hometown. I would never know how much I love it if I did not have left this place. Chittagong is bounded by Feni district and Tripura on the north. Chittagong town consists of six thanas, 68 wards and 236 mahallas. It has an area of 209.66 sq km. Its historical name in Islamabad. It is the second-largest city in Bangladesh. The town has 32,02,710 population. Chittagong is well-known in the world for trade and shipping. The main seaport of Bangladesh is located at the estuary of the Karnafuli River. The first Export Processing Zone (EPZ) of Bangladesh is situated here. For that, it’s called the commercial capital of Bangladesh. Interesting places of the city include Batali Hill, War Cemetery, Patenga Sea Beach, Foy's lake etc. Muhammad Yunus is the noble person whose hometown is Chittagong. It is also famous for great personalities like Mirza Ahmad Ispahani, Surjo Sen, A K Khan, Jatindra Mohan Sengupta etc. And our favourite cricket player Tamim Iqbal's hometown is it. Overall I like most Chittagong and I am proud of my hometown.

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My Home Town - Feni

I live in a small town. It is called Feni. It is a district headquarter. It is situated in the middle of the country. So it is called the nerve town of the country. It is founded in 1886. The poet Nabin Chandra Sen founded Feni Town. He was the first sub-divisional officer of Feni. There are 4,00,000 (Four lac) people live in Feni town. There are two government colleges and two government schools in Feni town. There are some government primary school, some M.P.O. occupied high school and a private university in my town. There is a stadium, a girls cadet college a municipality, a blood bank, a fire station, an open university branch, a server station, a polytechnic institute, a technical school, a computer college, a govt. hospital, a diabetic hospital, a railway station, a T.B. hospital and many private hospitals and clinic in our Feni town. There is an old and historical “Banyan” tree by the side of Doudpur bride. There are many mosques and temples in Feni town. There is a holy graveyard of Pagla-Mia-Shaheb in Feni town. There are is also a great mosque by the side of trunk road and an Alia-Modrasha, by the side of Mizan road. There is a good facility for railway and good communication. The people can easily go to Dhaka and Chittagong to do their necessary work. There are two big tanks in Feni town. One is called Rajajir tank and Bijoysing tank. There are many residential areas in our town. They are Masterpara, Hazaripara, Ukilpara, Doudpur, Rampure, Doctorpara, PathanBari road, Addha Bari road, Shanti Niketan Road, Stadium Road, Academy Road, Kalabagan, Kadalgazi road, north Shahdevpur, and South Shahdevpur. There are two children park, a public library and many community centres in Feni town. Within a short duration, there will start reformation work and established a new dimension of Feni town.

Paragraph - 12

Family system of Kenya and Bangladesh

Polygamy is a marriage system in which a man can have more than one wife. Similarly, a woman can also have more than one husband in this system. On the other hand, monogamy is the practice of marrying only one person at a time. I live in a nuclear family which consists of my father, mother and myself. We are living in a city where the cost of living is very high. As a member of a nuclear family, I enjoy some special advantages such as proper education, sufficient food, clothing and accommodation and maximum love and affection from my parents. But as both of my parents are always out for their job, I, sometimes, feel lonely. In a Kenyan society, there are also nuclear families like ours. Most of the nuclear families live in the different cities of Kenya just as we are living. Besides, the living cost in the cities both Kenya and Bangladesh is very expensive. On the other hand, I also find some differences between the family system of the two countries. In our country, although there were many extended families in the past, polygamy was never the common form of marriage. But in Kenya polygamy was the most common form of marriage and it still exists.

Paragraph - 13

My Family

The family which I live in consists of my parents, me and my younger brother. That is, we have a nuclear family. In our family, my mother plays the most important role. She does a wide number of activities which include cooking, washing, nursing, tutoring etc. My father who is a govt. employee always stays outside the home during his office hour. Our whole family depends on his income. He invariably returns home in the evening and at night the becomes busy with the business he is running with some of his friends. He just earns for us. As we have a small family of only four members, my parents never fail to meet our wants. But sometimes my parents face difficulties to provide us with everything we need. Ten years ago, we lived in an extended family along with my grandparents, their several sons, and their families. Five years back, my father comes to the city and settled here permanently. From that time, we have been living in a nuclear family. Apart from this, my mother’s position in the family has now much improved than before. My father fully relies on her in every matter and there is a great understanding between them.

Paragraph - 14

Adopting Illegal Process in the Examination

or, Unfair Means in Examination

or, Copying in the Examination

or, Bad Effects of Copying in Examination

Unfair means or adopting an illegal process in the examination is very bad. I am strictly against this shameful task. For the gradual development of the students to face the challenges of the modern era. It is undoubtedly a great barrier. The educational curricula in our country are not suitable for the present world. We are still accustomed to memorizing and then vomiting in the examination hall. We do not try for creativity. Our teachers and guardians also follow the same way. We depend on the notes prepared by the private tutors. For daily business, our parents cannot give us enough time. It makes the students hopeless and every consider the private tutors as a solution for this. So day by day our standard of education is decreasing. Recently the authorities have taken some steps to prevent unfair means from the examination. The students must develop their communicative skills and they have to grow creativity within themselves to do well in the examination. Memorizing method is going to be abolished. The teachers will be suspended and fined if found guilty. Moreover, the teacher supporting any unfairness will go to jail. The expelled student may not get a chance again to attend the exam. Thereby their education life may be collapsed. So the guardians should remain careful of their children. If these measures are implemented strictly, it will help upgrade the standard of our education system.

Same paragraph collected from another book

Unfair means in examination indicates a means or method which is very indecent. Nowadays most of the students adopt unfair means in order to pass an examination. It means that they secretly commit an act of copying answers into the answer scripts from materials in their possession. The purpose of an examination is two-fold. Through an examination, the students’ acquisition of knowledge during a certain period of study is tested. Besides, it enables a student to give an account of how much knowledge he has gathered from his prescribed course. But by adopting unfair means a student frustrates the very purpose of the examination. He commits an act of crime by having recourse to a dishonest method. Besides, he cheats himself by seeking to prove that he knows things that he does not know and has copied from incriminating material. One who passes the examination by adopting unfair means remains ignorant and fails to come out successful in practical life. Resorting to dishonest means in examination has now created such a gigantic problem in our country that all conscious people are greatly alarmed at it. This criminal and self-deceiving practice of copying should be stopped immediately at any cost; otherwise, the nation as a whole will miserably fail to get through its struggle for existence is not too distant a future.

Paragraph - 15

How to learn English

I do many things to learn English. First, I read all sorts of grammar books. Secondly, I read my textbooks and various kinds of magazines. Thirdly I listen to news on BBC and CNN and also watch English movies. After all, I try to speak English with my classmates, teachers and some of my superiors. The modern ways of learning for exams and being an expert in grammar. I study grammar for many purposes. I study it because it seems to me. I read it also because it is important and necessary for learning a language. I learn grammar by following the deductive method. In this method, I learn grammatical rules first and then apply them to speaking and writing.


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