Dialogue about hobbies

Imagine, you are Shilpi. You met your friend Azmi in his garden. Gardening is her hobby. Your hobby is stamp collecting. You talk about your respective hobbies. 

Now, make a dialogue between you and Azmi about your hobbies.

Shilpi : Hello Azmi, what’s the news? What are you doing here?

Azmi : Hi, Shilpi, what a pleasant surprise. I’m thinking about you just now when I’m watering the plants.

Shilpi : Really! How nice the garden is! Do you take care of it yourself?

Azmi : Yes, my dear. You know, gardening is my hobby. And I enjoy my leisure time in the garden.

Shilpi : Oh! I see! How long have you been cherishing this hobby?

Azmi : It’s about two years. Is it your hobby also?

Shilpi : Oh! No. My hobby is stamp collecting. I feel very happy when I put stamps of different countries in my album.

Azmi : It’s also nice. But my hobby keeps my body fit and makes my mind fresh and cheerful.

Shilpi : That’s fine. But you know stamps of different countries lift my mind to history, geography, politics and culture. Undoubtedly, I find pleasure in my hobby.

Azmi : Okay, Friend, bye.

Shilpi : Bye, see you again.

 -------Same dialogue collected from another book-------

A dialogue between two friends about their hobbies.

Ujjal : Hello Lemon, good morning. What are you doing in this early morning?

Lemon: Very good morning. I am working in my garden.

Ujjal : Oh! what a beautiful garden it is. Who helps you in your work?

Lemon : I myself have done this. It is my hobby.

Ujjal : I think it’s not only a flower garden.

Lemon : You are right. There are two parts in my garden. In one part I have planted flowers and in another part, I have cultivated vegetables.

Ujjal : How long have you been doing this?

Lemon : For the last three years.

Ujjal : How do you feel?

Lemon : This is a great source of joy and pleasure to me. It also makes my body strong and fit. May I ask you to tell me about your hobby?

Ujjal : My hobby is fishing.

Lemon : It is really a very interesting thing.

Ujjal : Of course, I get much pleasure from it. It also improves health. It also makes us patient and persevering in our habit.

Lemon : Oh! It is now time to go to school. See you again.

Ujjal : All right see you again
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