Paragraph : The Value of Time

The Value of Time

The value of time is very high. It is more valuable than money. Time waits for none. We must not spend a single moment in vain (বৃথা). Time goes on rapidly but does not come back. We can make up loss of money by industry (পরিশ্রম), the loss of health by taking medicine but lost time is never found again. Man is born to work. Our lives are short but we have many things to do. So we should make the best use of our time. A man who does his work in time is able to do all his duties with success. As he is always ready for work he finds time to do all his duties. In this mortal (নশ্বর) world our lives are short but our work is unlimited or full of work. We ought to do them properly. If we do not make the best use of time, it is not possible for us to complete these works. As a result, our lives will be miserable. Wise men realize the utility of time. They do not waste their time in evil act (বাজে কাজে). They make the proper use of time. So, they prosper lives and become great men later in the world. Even some of the lower animals make right use of time. Ants, bees, birds and other animals are active. They work for themselves and gather food all the time. So a man must work all the time for success in life.

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