Paragraph : The Cat

The Cat

The cat is small in size. It is also a domestic pet animal to us. The cat is a small pet animal. It has four legs, two ears, two bright eyes, and a long tail. There are soft pads under its feet. It has sharp claws and pointed teeth. It has a round head. It has whiskers. Its tongue is rough. It looks like a small tiger. The cat eats fish, meat, rice, and bread. It is very fond of milk and dry fish. The cat is gentle and cleanly by nature. It is selfish. It mews when it is hungry and hisses when angry. It is a very ease-loving animal. It sleeps by day and hunt by night. It lies down in a warm place. It is playful. It plays with babies. It kills rats, worms and small birds. The cat is a useful animal to us. It saves us from many troubles. It kills rats, mice, frogs, insects, little snakes etc. The cat does some good for us. So we should be kind to it.
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