Paragraph : The Rice

The Rice

Rice is our staple food. It is the chief food of the people in eastern countries. It is obtained from the paddy plant. The top of the plant bears of paddy. When the paddy ripens, the plants are cut down and make bundle and taken home. Then the paddy is husked and rice is obtained. Paddy grows in tropical countries. It grows well in Bangladesh. Barisal and Dinajpur produce the best quality of rice. Our farmers till and harrow the land. The seeds of Aush paddy are sown in April. It is roped in July. The seedlings of Amon paddy are transplanted in July and August. This paddy ripens in November or other. Boro and IRRI (a new variety of paddy) are widely grown in the spring. The boiled rice is called 'Bhat'. We generally eat rice twice a day. Chira, Muri, and Khai are made of paddy. Cakes are made of it. Cattle eat straw. The husk of paddy is used as fuel. Rice is our life and rice is our everything. So we should grow more paddy.
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