Paragraph : Tea


Tea is the leaf of an evergreen (চিরসবুজ উদ্ভিদ) plant. The people of all over the world take it to refresh their bodies and minds. Tea grows plentiful in Bangladesh, India, China, Srilanka, Japan etc. Seeds are sown in a small land. After one month the seedlings are transplanted in rows in a big field. The plants grow for about three years. When the plants are matured the leaves are picked off several times a year. The leaves are then dried over wire trays. Then the leaves are dried by slow fire. The dried leaves are then stored according to quality and are packed for sale in the market. Tea leaves are put in boiled water. After a few minutes, the liquor is poured through sieve. Milk and sugar are added to it. This tea is prepared for drink. Tea is a good drink. But too much-taking tea is harmful to our health and appetite (ক্ষুধা). We should take tea at the proper time limitedly. Tea is one of the cash crops in our country. It is in great demand in the world market.
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