Paragraph : Paper


Paper is very useful thing for us. It is one of the gifts of modern science. Long years ago people wrote on leaves and barks of trees, stone, and skins of animals. Nowadays paper is made all over the world. It is made in mills. It is made of wood, bamboo, shake of jute, barks of sugarcane, grass, rags, and other necessary things. These things are put into a machine and they are grind (চূর্ণ করা হয়) into pulp (মণ্ড). Paper is made from it. There are many kinds of paper- full-scale, full demy, demy, double crown, crown, royal etc in size. But paper may white, red, green, blue, yellow etc colours. In this modern civilization (সভ্যতা) we cannot do without paper. It helps us in many ways. It is used in schools, colleges, offices, courts, universities. It is also used to print books, newspapers, register, letter writing and many other purposes. We can spread (বিস্তার করতে পারি) education, civilization, culture with paper. No educated person can do without paper even for a single day. Paper is most essential in our everyday life. So we should make proper use and take care of it.
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