Paragraph : The Cow

The Cow

The cow is a four-footed domestic animal. It is found all over the world. It is very useful to us. It is a very gentle animal. The cow has a large body. It has four legs, two eyes, two horns, two ears, and a long tail with a tuffx of hair at the end. It has a long head. It has some teeth on the lower jaw. It has no teeth in the upper jaw. Its hoofs are divided into two parts. The cow is found everywhere in the world. Wild cows are also found in the forest of Africa, America, and Australia. The cow lives on grass, straw, oil-cake, bran, etc. It is very fond of oil-cake. The cow is a very gentle animal. It gives birth to one calf at a time. It is very fond of her calf. The cow is a very useful animal. It gives us mildly. Milk is an ideal food. Many children live in their milk. We get butter, ghee, cheese, sweets, and curd from its milk. Cowdung is good manure. Shoes, bags, belts are made of its skin. So we should be kind to them and take proper care of them.
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