Paragraph : Student Life

Student Life

The period of life, spent in acquiring knowledge in educational institutions is called student life. It is the most important period of life. Student life is the sowing season. If we sow good seeds, we can reap a good harvest. Student life is the time to prepare oneself for the future. Life is this world is full of struggles. To win these struggles they must acquire proper knowledge and adequate training. The study is the main duty of a student. A student should give full attention to his lessons. He should prepare his daily lessons with care and attention. This will help him to be a good student. A good citizen is a great wealth of a country. A student should rise early, take regular exercise and perform his prayer in time. All these will made him healthy, cheerful and religions. He should render useful services in the future. He should obey his teachers at school, his parents at home and his superiors everywhere. He should love his younger. Student should not take part in politics. This will spoil their career. They should spend their time mainly on the study. They should render social services in the hour of need.
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