Paragraph : The Rainy Season

The Rainy Season

The rainy season is the second season of the year. It lasts for two Bangli months. They are Ashar and Sravan. During the rainy season, the sky is often full of clouds. Sometimes it rains day after day. The rainwater fills up tanks, canals, and rivers to the brim. If there is a heavy shower of rain, Our paddy fields go underwater, Floods occur and destroy our crops. During the rainy season, roads are muddy and slippery. People go from one place to another by boat. The rainy season is very useful for us. Cultivation of jute and paddy depends on rainwater. The rainy season has made our country evergreen. Sometimes floods destroy our crops. People cannot go from one place to another place easily. Poor people and day-labourer suffer a great deal. It is the season of malaria and dysentery. The scenery of the season is charming. It gives us some troubles. The season is not very popular. But the season is a blessing to our country.
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