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Paragraph : A Picnic

A Picnic

Our annual examination ended and we got a long vacation. One of my friends proposed to enjoy a picnic. I readily agreed and took permission from my parents. We selected our national park at Gazipur as our picnic spot. We collected fund, bought packet lunches and hired a bus. We met together in the morning on the fixed date. We started our journey from Dhaka to Gazipur and after a journey of about three hours, we reached the picnic spot. In the journey, we enjoyed music and gossiped. After reaching the spot, we forgot the fatigue of journey, because we got the scope of breathing in fresh air, a vast place of lively green trees and an atmosphere of serenity. This place gave us relief from the din and bustle as well as air pollution of city life. We got the taste of a carefree life for a while. We sung, took images by camera and took lunch in a jolly mood. After enjoying a great deal amusement we returned to our home. The experience of the picnic is over fresh to my memory.

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