Paragraph : Food


Everybody wants to live a healthy and happy life what we must eat to live is food. We must eat balanced food to preserve our health. Balanced food means the food containing the right kinds of food in the right quantities. The food we eat is divided into three main classes according to their functions. They are carbohydrate, protein and vitamin and mineral salts. We get carbohydrate from rice, bread, potato, sweet potato, molasses etc. fat from butter, oil ghee etc. and protein from milk, meat, fish, bean, dal etc. Carbohydrate gives us heat and energy and keeps us strong and healthy Fat prevent our body from decay, Protein builds our body. We also get vitamin and mineral salts to form leafy vegetables, fruits, eggs, and milk. Vitamin and mineral salts keep our body fit and keep away diseases. Water helps to digest our food, regulates the heat of our body and keeps us healthy. We must eat to live but it is not always essential that we are to eat expensive food. Expensive food does not indicate that it is rich in food value. Cheap food like guava, dal, potato, vegetables, small fish is rich in food value. Guava, pineapple, orange, grape, , and lemon are the major sources of vitamin ‘C’ which keeps our teeth strong and prevents cancer of our stomach. We get vitamin ‘A’ from bindweed, Papua, carrot, small fish etc. which prevents cancer and good for our eyesight.
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