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Television is a great bone of modern science. It is very popular with all. It is a source of entertainment. It is the most up to date means of communication. A, as well as a grownup adult, can see and hear programs on scientific and technological subjects. People enjoy various programs on sports and games, cultural activities etc. It is a powerful medium of mass education and valuable addition to the art of teaching. Television broadcasts program with a view to educating people on hygiene, agriculture, food, environment and other aspects of life. So, Television is used not only for recreation but also for education. It has disadvantages too. It may draw school children away from their books and exciting scenes in the film may make them unsocial. Guardians should take care of it.

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Television is one of the wonders of modern science. It is the most up-to-date means of entertainment. Modern people cannot think of a single day without television. It provides both sound and pictures to entertain the viewers. It amuses us with its charms. It is really the most common source of entertainment throughout the world. Paul Nepkov invented A German television. Then John L. Baird modernized it Basically it is based on electronic photography. The merits of television are very great. It informs us of the current affairs, sports, politics, science, business and other events. It is a good means of communication. People can enjoy any event occurring in any place of the world sitting at their scientist. home through television. It is the most popular means of entertainment. By means of television, we can enjoy different programmes live including games and sports which may be held in the farthest corner of the world. Television is a strong medium of learning many important and essential matters related to human life. It can teach both the illiterate and the literate, Television is a very effective means of advertisement. People all over the world can be introduced to various products by watching advertisements. Television is helpful to remove boredom from our routine work. Almost every family in our country has a television set as it is not so expensive. Common people can easily entertain themselves by watching television. However, it has some bad effects as well. Our young boys and girls sometimes neglect their studies because of it. Too much viewing and a close viewing of television may cause harm to the eye-sight of the viewers. Television is a great contribution of science to modern life. It entertains as well as instructs us. It has made our life more enjoyable. We should use it wisely.
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