Paragraph : Village Life and City Life

Village Life and City Life

↬ City Life and Country Life

Bangladesh is mainly a rural country. It gives us the close contact of nature and refreshes us with fresh air. The natural beauties of villages, with the clear blue sky, vast green fields, flowing rivers, orchards, flowing boats on the rivers, fishing and singing pure and fresh foods, the simplest lives of the villagers at a low-cost make us weak for the attraction of village life. But village life is detached from the gifts of modern science. This results in the sufferings of the villagers. They cannot meet even the bare necessities of life like food shelter, clothes, health, and education. Lives there become gradually backward, dull and monotonous. On the other hand life in town is quite different from that in a village in our country. Compare to village life, it is full of vitality, progress, and enlightments. An atmosphere of noise and bustle and an air of haste and unrest with pollutions are part and parcel of the city life. A city is overcrowded and life is very costly here. The city dwellers suffer for want of fresh air and them long to run back to the lap of nature. In spite of these ugly features, life in a city has its charms also.
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