Paragraph : Rickshaw


Rickshaw is a very popular vehicle in our country. It is the means of the poor people to get their livelihood. No academic training is required to drive a rickshaw. About more than 5 lacks people live on rickshaw. It is a tricycle with a seat for the passengers. It has also a seat for the driver. It has also a mouldable shed for the passengers to give protection from the direct contact of sun-rays as well as from rain. The frame of the rickshaw rests on the well-arranged wheels. It is driven by the paddles. It is a slow-moving means of road transportation. The Zig-zag flow of rickshaws on the road creates traffic-jam and thus restricts motion. Thus wastes of time take place. As it doesn't require fuel, it doesn't create any environmental pollution. It is found only in Bangladesh and West Bengal in India. In the age of science and technology almost whole the world is advancing forward to keep place with time. European countries are trying to generate more speed. But we are still moving by rickshaw. This is very unfortunate and restriction for rapid development. We should try to find out the alternative of the rickshaw.
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