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Paragraph : A Visit To a Historical Place

A Visit To a Historical Place

A visit to a historical place takes up back to bygone days. Sometimes we go back several hundred years in the past and sometimes several thousand years. A sort of romantic longing works in us and we wish we were living in those days. We love the past, so we go to visit a historical place. We do not wish to forget our past, our origin, so we preserve the historical places and rush there whenever we find an opportunity. A visit to a historical place makes us forget the harsh realities of our lives and within a moment we become one with those ancient people. We feel the cruelties, joys, and sorrows of those people. Sometimes we are happy and sometimes unhappy with them. By feeling with them we forget our own sorrows. This is indeed a boon to us. For when we think of the joys and sorrows of others, our own sorrows vanish. But before visiting a historical place we should know the history of that place thoroughly.

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