Composition : Time Should be Used Properly

Time Should be Used Properly

Our life is a collection of some moments. We know the proverb “Time and tide wait for none”. We can make up the loss of wealth, the loss of knowledge (নলেজ-জ্ঞান) and the loss of health. But we can never region (রিগেন-পুনরুদ্ধার) the time that has already been lost. Time once gone is gone forever. 

Time is a valuable (ভ্যালুয়্যাবল-মূল্যবান) as our life. There is a proverb “Time is money”. It is also said that time is more valuable than money. So, students must be aware of (সচেতন) the value of time. If a person wastes such a valuable thing, he/she ruin (রুইন-নষ্ট করা) his/her life. 

In our personal life, it is also valuable. If we misuse time, that would be a great loss for us. To kill time is to shorten life. For this, we should not neglect or waste our time. 

If we make the proper use of time, we can reap good harvest of prosperity (প্রসপারিটি-উন্নতি) in our future life. Success depends on the best use of time. 

An idle brain is the devil’s workshop (শয়তানের কারখানা). A person who wastes his/her time can do nothing in life. Idleness is the root of all evils. An idle person must suffer in life. 

Industrious people make the right use of time. They always remember (রিমেমবার-স্মরণ রাখা) the proverb, “Wilful waste of time may bring woeful want in future.” So, they prosper in life by performing their jobs timely. 

We should do more work in our short life. The bees and the ants are the glorious instances of making proper use of time. So, we should get lessons from them.

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