Composition : Private Tutorship is Threatful

Private Tutorship is Threatful

Nowadays private tutorship is a common affair (ব্যাপার) and the guardians are interested to employ private tutors for their children’s education at home so that they can achieve good results. It becomes a belief that children do well with the help of private tutors. The tendency of engaging a private tutor is noticed even before that guardians or parents send their children to schools. Many children at the very beginning of their lessons are seen reading with one or more tutors at home.

Private tutorship has become a disadvantage (অসুবিধা) in respect of rendering sincere services in the institutions where the teachers are employed because it has become a commercial profession. The teachers engaged in private tuition have found it more profitable than rendering painstaking (কষ্টসহিষ্ণু) services in their institutions. On the other hand, most educated men have found that private tuition is lucrative (লাভজনক). Because of the selective suggestions of the private tutor, the students are blessed with good results though they learn a little and that little learning becomes a dangerous thing in their practical life. The private tutors spread their name and fame as good teachers and students pay them high remunerations (পারিতোষিক). Some professional private tutors and coaching centres maintain hard and fast rules for the students and students are compelled to follow them for their desired (আকাঙ্ক্ষা করা) academic result. It ultimately tells upon the tender mind of the students and their freedom of choice in learning.

Elimination of private tutorship is not possible overnight. First, it needs a great awareness (সচেতনতা) on the part of the guardians to make their wards become careful about future prospects. The school teachers should be paid a handsome salary so that they may concentrate (মনোযোগী) on teaching the students in the classes. Extra classes should be taken to make up the deficiency (কমতি) of the students who are indifferent to studies. The school teachers should be given extra-incentives for extra-classes. There should be a monitoring system to follow up on the activities of the school. The class teachers should submit their monitoring reports weekly. Private tutorship should be discouraged. The students should be compelled to attend classes regularly and punctually (যথাসময়ে). They should be given home tasks regularly.

Private tutorship is a sharp threat to traditional classroom teaching. In developed countries, classroom teaching is systematically stressed. To speak of a tutor, he loses his profession becomes a disreputable (কলঙ্কজনক) begging profession. Proper management can regarding private tutorship.

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