Composition : Child Labour Should be Banned

Child Labour Should be Banned

“The child is the father of the man.” there is another saying that- “Today’s son is the tomorrow’s father”. So, children should be imparted noble values and virtues, so that they can grow up as good and responsible citizens of the country. By compelling them to work in this tender are, we are destroying their future prospect and also playing with the destiny (ডেসটিনি-ভাগ্য) of the country. 

It is indeed unfortunate that we find children being forced to work in order to earn their livelihood. Thus, the hands that should be used for study or play are used for hand manual work. It is indeed a pity to see them toil and shoulder responsibilities which are too hard and heavy for them to do. Thus, a childhood is wasted, which comes once in life of a man. 

Children are found working in agricultural sector, in the work of building construction, in the factories, etc. They often risk their lives just to keep their body and soul together. So, tragic is their condition that even in the childhood they become victim to physical and mental wreck (রক-বিনাশ). Their frail (ফ্রেইল-নাজুক) body suffers from many ailments (এইলমেন্ট-অসুস্থতা). 

The Government should realise the gravity of the situation and ban child labour, making it an offence under law. But no ban can work unless we can ensure that the children are provided with food, shelter and education. This would not only bring back their childhood but also secure the future of the nation. Everybody should remember that the children are an asset to the nation.

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