Composition : Population Growth Hinders Development

Population Growth Hinders Development

Rapid Growth of Population is the Main Cause of Poverty in Bangladesh 

The rapid growth of population is the main cause of poverty in Bangladesh. It has a population of 13.52 crore now, and it will reach 15 crores by 2010. The growth rate of population is 1.5%, while the density of population is 9.16 per square kilometre which is so high. In view, Bangladesh stands topmost in the world in population density. Population wise, Bangladesh stands 7th while areawide, it is the 90th. 

Bangladesh is a poor country. The 49.8 of its people live below the poverty line while 33.37% below absolute poverty. 

The population is growing at an alarmingly high rate in Bangladesh where the land in limited. So, the land is being divided and subdivided among the descendants (ডিসেন্‌ডেন্‌ট্‌স-বংশধর/সন্তান-সন্ততি). The children and growing into youths, they are marrying and building new houses to live with their individual families. This phenomenon (ফিন্‌মিনন-বিষয়) is taking away the agricultural land from the parents. As a result, the parents are becoming either landless or poor or losing their income. In this way, the total cultivable land is reducing. And it eventually reduces the production of agricultural crops. So, on one hand, the population is growing; on the other hand, food production is decreasing. Owing to this situation, the rich are becoming poor and the poor poorer. 

Though the production of crops is being increased through using high yielding variety (HYV) of seeds again this increased production cannot cater (কেইটার্-খাদ্যাদি সরবরাহ করা) to the needs of the fast increasing months. 

The job opportunities are also limited to Bangladesh. Now the new industry is being set up, no new business is flourishing to create the employment opportunities for the news comes in the job markets. This situation is creating a negative contribution to the per capita income of the people of the country. As a result, the poverty situation is aggravating (অ্যাগ্রেভেইটিঙ-অবনতি ঘটানো) and it is going from bad to worse. Therefore, the standard of living of the people is going down. 

To reduce the poverty of the county, the Government has adopted population reduction strategy paper (PRSP). Besides, the NGOs and donor countries are also implementing poverty alleviation programmes through micro-credit and other ways. But all these robust programmes are being washed away by the powerful waves of rapid (র‌্যাপিড্-দ্রুত) population growth. As a result, the poverty of the country is either remaining the same or deteriorate.

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