Composition : Students Should Not Take Part in Politics

Students Should Not Take Part in Politics

A student is expected to devote his/her time and effort to studies. In the case of a student, studies and politics cannot go together. In fact, as attributes, these are opposite to each other. It is, however, unfortunate that money and power attract the students if they are involved in politics. 

Once politics was associated with social service, and a political worker was a social worker or reformer (রিফোর্‌মার-সংস্কারক). During our struggle for independence, students were in the forefront (ফোরফ্রান্ট-অগ্রভাগ) for unifying the people of the country and fighting against the enemies. Ever since independence, the political parties have vitiated (ভিশিএইটেড-কুলষিত) the political atmosphere of the country. Politics has now become a full-fledged (ফুল-ফ্লেজ্‌ড্‌-পূর্ণাঙ্গ) profession which is beset with corruption. 

It is unfortunate to see the students being increasingly exploited by the political parties for their selfish interest. The political parties exploit the young blood for their dirty work in order to achieve their selfish end. The students are now used by them as their tools and violence. Quite often, many a promising youth’s careers is ruined because of this. 

The students should, therefore, not take part in politics. Politics for students should be banned in no time. The political parties should not involve students in politics and their dirty activities.

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