Composition : Student’s Politics

Student’s Politics

Politics lies in activities involved in getting and using power in public life. On the other hand, student life is the part of life that is spent in acquiring knowledge in educational institutions. It is the most important period of human life. Student life is compared to the seed time of life. So, apparently, student life and politics are two different subjects. For acquiring knowledge and becoming worthy of shouldering the responsibility of the country, a student should be busy in pursuit (অনুসরণ) of knowledge. 

In modern age, polities control everything that touches a man’s life. It enters into every branch of life. It haunts every hearth and home. If that is so, there is so, there is no reason why students should remain apart from the mainstream of reason and intellect. Today's students are the future leaders of the country. The sagacity, prudence (দূরদর্শিতা) and wisdom of leadership cannot be acquired without the pursuit of knowledge. If a leader lacks the quality of leadership, he can never lead the country towards prosperity and stability. So a student, after completing study, becomes a wise leader. It is true that student politics did play a vital role in Bangladesh to save our mother tongue, Bangla. In 1952 students first, burst (বিস্ফোরণ) into protest against the declaration of Urdu to be the state language of Pakistan. The role of political leaders followed the protest of the students. Besides, they came out of their classrooms also in 1960 and 1970 with their patriotic feelings. So, considering the reality of our national and international life, they will come into politics. Students are the essence of the nation’s conscience. Today’s world is very complex and full of many serious problems like basic human rights. There are problems of war and peace. The students are directly influenced (প্রভাব) by all these problems. Politically when Ayub Khan attempted (উদ্যত হওয়া) to kill democracy in its cradle with his martial law, it was the students who came forward to disapprove (অগ্রাহ্য করা) of his dictatorial policies. The tremendous and unprecedented mass upsurge masterminded by Moulana Bhashani led to the release of Sheikh Mujib and ultimately compelled Ayub Khan to quit from power. 

The general view against student politics is that they are immature and it is likely that they will be easily misguided by clever agents of political parties. But if they keep aloof from politics altogether, they will remain, political babies, even when they are grown up and they will be more easily mislead (বিপথে) in later life on account of their ignorance and inexperience. The famous philosopher Aristotle says, “Every human being is a political being.” At schools, colleges and universities, students read history, public administration, civics, political philosophy and political economy. If they can understand these things in the abstract, why should they be kept away from the concrete realities of political life? Secondly, it is true that students may discover (আবিষ্কার করা) late in life that the interest they took in politics in the early years was on the wrong lines and they might change their opinions. 

There may be controversial (বিতর্কিত) views about student politics. But we should remember that fair participation in politics is a must as and when the nation requires. But the students should keep themselves aloof (আগ্রহহীন) from active polities. They must not be indifferent to their sole aim of achieving education.

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