Composition : Your Experience of a Natural Disaster

Your Experience of a Natural Disaster

The natural disaster that I experienced some years back still haunts me. I was a terrible storm in our area. It killed some people and destroyed a lot of property. 

It was the evening on 9 April 2017. The sky suddenly became dark with clouds. Gusts of wind began blowing from all directions carrying rain. There were frequent flashes of lightning and rumbling of thunder. The whole nature looked gloomy and foreboding (আসন্ন বিপদের অনুভূতি). 

The wind abruptly grew furious with a hissing (ফোঁসফোঁসানি) noise. Within a few minutes, it caused such a great havoc that none can describe it in words. Most of the houses were blown off and levelled to the ground. Many trees were uprooted and fell down. The roof of the house in which I was sleeping also swept by the storm. 

The wind was so fierce that it was not at all possible for anyone to go to a safer place. Lightning blinded my eyes, and the howling of thunder deafened my ears. After the storm stopped, we went out of my broken house. It was only destruction everywhere. In the morning, I got the news that some people and a lot of cows, goats and other animals were killed. 

I was really at my wit’s during the storm. The storm caused terrible loss to both lives and property. Still, when I remember the storm, I feel so scared and miserable.
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