Paragraph : Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth

Health is a blessing of God. It enables a man to enjoy a happy life. It is the most important asset of a man. Physical exercise is necessary to preserve good health. Reputation, wealth, honour- all are meaningless to a healthless man. At the cost of health, one should not run after wealth as health is the greatest wealth. A healthy poor man is happier than a rich healthless man. He is healthy whose body is sound with a sound mind. Regular exercise keeps the body sound and if the body is sound the mind too becomes sound. One should take a balanced diet to maintain good health. Drinking a definite quantity of clean water and sleeping for a definite period is useful to keep sound health. Cleanliness also ensures keeping good health. Students should be careful about their health, otherwise, they cannot be able to work hard for good results. Health is such a wealth that if it is lost all other wealth stands out futile.

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