Paragraph : Charity begins at home

Charity begins at home

The proverb suggests to whom one should extend one’s charity. There are people who bestow charity upon persons outside the circle of their near and dear ones. They think that if they help the people within their immediate circle it will mean their narrowness. So they go to distant people with charity and think that it will bring them a good name. But such an attitude about making charity is entirely wrong. If a man has no feeling for his own people how can he feel for others? So, making charity towards the distant people ignoring the near ones shows a lack of sincerity and off sympathetic feelings. Such charity indicates a mere show or a desire for praise. Nobody has any respect for a man who makes a charity for show or praise. Thus a man should, first of all, help his near and dear ones who associate with him in weal and woe and then go for helping others if possible.
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