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Dialogue about importance of games and sports in life

Suppose you are Nabil/Nabila. You have a friend Nabeen/Nabeena. Both of you are very interested in different types of games and sports.

Now, write a dialogue between you and your friend emphasizing the importance of games and sports in our life.

Nabeen : Hi Nabil, where are you going?

Nabil : Hi, I am on my way to the sports club.

Nabeen : What do you do there?

Nabil : Well, I practise badminton there.

Nabeen : That’s interesting! Do you go there often?

Nabil : Yes, almost every day. It keeps my body and mind fit. Do you participate in any sports, Nabeen?

Nabeen : Yes, I do.

Nabil : Which sports are you interested in?

Nabeen : I usually play cricket and football to keep my body fit and healthy.

Nabil : I think games are essential for good health.

Nabeen : You are right, Nabil. Games are essential for a healthy body.

Nabil : Some people do not do physical activities. They do not realize the importance of games.

Nabeen : But such people always suffer from one or the other ailment

Nabil : You are absolutely right.

Nabeen : I personally think that games should be made compulsory for the students.

Nabil : I agree with you. Games will keep the students healthy and teach them discipline.

Nabeen : Discipline is very essential for the progress of an individual as well as the nation as a whole.

Nabil : Games also teach us the spirit of sportsmanship while developing the quality of leadership among the students.

Nabeen : Health is wealth, is an old saying. Therefore, to maintain our health we must play games.

Nabil : Yes. You are right. Well, I have to go now. We should meet up again, maybe next week.

Nabeen : Sure! See you then.

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