Dialogue about importance of learning computer

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of learning computer.

Myself : Hello, Nabil! How’re you?

Nabil : Fine, thanks. And you?

Myself : Fine. What do you intend to do after the SSC exam?

Nabil : I haven’t decided yet. Have you any plan?

Myself : Yes, I would like to do a computer course.

Nabil : Why have you decided to learn computer?

Myself : Well, in the present world, everything depends on computer. There is no sector computer is not used.

Nabil : I also have an intention of learning computer. But how can it benefit me?

Myself : If you can handle computer, you can browse the internet which is now called the store-house of knowledge and information. Besides, government has made computer education compulsory in secondary and higher secondary level.

Nabil : Oh, yes. That means if I have knowledge on computer, it’ll be helpful for my academic course, too.

Myself : Exactly. Moreover, learning computer is important for your future career.

Nabil : How? Please explain.

Myself : OK. At present, computer is being used in almost every sector. So, without adequate knowledge on computer, it isn’t possible for you to get a good job.

Nabil : I see. Now, I can understand. My uncle also told me that job advertisement nowadays ask for candidates with computer literacy.

Myself : Exactly.

Nabil : I’ll also learn computer basics after the exam. Thank you very much.

Myself : You’re most welcome.


  1. Finally found a dialogue according to my standard.

  2. Op dialogue. Thanks to myallgarbage.Best luck of this team

  3. Please,give me a dialogue about information of learning computer

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