Dialogue between you and Headmaster about making garden

Suppose, you are Rohan/Raiyana reading in class ten. You along with your classmates want to make a garden in front of your school. So, you need to talk to the Headmaster.

Now, write a dialogue between you and the Headmaster about making a garden.

Raiana : May I come in, sir?

Headmaster : Yes, please come in. tell me, what can I do for you?

Raiana : Sir, we would like to make a small garden in front of our school. There is a piece of land in front of our campus where the local cowboys graze their cattle. We want to use the land for making a small garden.

Headmaster : Well, that’s a good idea. Who is going to execute the plan?

Raiana : We, the students of class ten, would execute the plan. Our honourable class teacher, Mrs Morshed gave her consent to coordinate the project.

Headmaster : Great! But you know, a garden needs to be taken care of. Are you ready to take the trouble? Besides, you cannot hamper your studies.

Raiana : Yes, sir. We have it in our minds. We’ll take care of the garden properly. Again, when we become busy with studies, the students of class nine will take part in gardening. We will do it by turns.

Headmaster : I like your plan. OK, I give you the permission. But you have to write an application to me for that.

Raiana : Sure, sir. We’ll submit an application tomorrow.

Headmaster : May Allah blesses you.

Raiana : Thank you, sir.


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