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Dialogue on merits and demerits of using mobile phone

Write a dialogue between you and your friend on the merits and demerits of using mobile phone.

Myself : I’ve got a mobile phone. Please, note down the number.

Rahela : Whoa! You’ve got a mobile phone. So, we can talk even when we are not meeting.

Myself : But, I must make a cautious use of it, because it consumes a lot of money.

Rahela : That's true.

Myself : Yes, mobile phones are useful and necessary for instant communication from anywhere and anytime. It saves time and money in various ways.

Rahela : Yes, but it has demerits, too. There are some students who do not put off their mobile phones during the class hours. It is a very bad habit.

Myself : Yes, we all must avoid doing it. We should not disturb others in this way.

Rahela : Mobile phone is a wonderful gift of science. But we should make a cautious use of it.

Myself : We should be careful about its expenses too. We should use mobile phone only on necessity and we should not disturb others while taking on mobile phones.

Rahela : Yes, I agree with you.

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