Dialogue about bad effects of smoking

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the bad effects of smoking.

Myself : Hello, Fahad! How’re you?

Fahad : Fine. What about you?

Myself : Well. But I’m worried about you.

Fahad : Really! But why?

Myself : Raju has told me that you’ve started smoking.

Fahad : Actually, Raju is …..

Myself : Don’t try to hide it. Aren’t I your friend?

Fahad : But smoking gives me pleasure. Whenever I become sad, I smoke.

Myself : It’s really an odd idea. Don’t you know that smoking is harmful for health?

Fahad : How?

Myself : Well. Doctors say, smoking may cause cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure, chronic lung troubles and other serious diseases.

Fahad : Carry on.

Myself : Scientists say that a puff of cigarette smoke contains fifteen billion particles of matters. Those are very harmful for health.

Fahad : What else?

Myself : Besides, smoking can cause irritation in the eyes, offend the nose and unsettle the mind. Again it affects non-smokers to a great extent.

Fahad : Really! I have to stop smoking now. Thanks a lot for your advice.

Myself : You’re most welcome.

Fahad : Thank you.


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