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Dialogue about how develop skills in English Language

Write a dialogue between two friends about how to develop skills in English language.

Nafis : Hello, Anis! How’re you?

Anis : I’m fine. What about you?

Nafis : I want to learn English. From today, I will not speak Bangla with you.

Anis : Why?

Nafis : Because I want to practise spoken English.

Anis : It’s a good proposition. I agree.

Nafis : Yes, to develop our spoken English we have to speak English.

Anis : It’s true. Moreover, we should not think of others’ criticism.

Nafis : We should also develop our reading and writing habits.

Anis : But how can we do that?

Nafis : We can develop reading skill by reading literature and newspapers. We can develop writing by doing free writing on familiar topics.

Anis : I have difficulty in understanding English spoken by a British or American.

Nafis : It’s a problem for me too. But I’ve developed a lot by listening to BBC.

Anis : But for this, we need to know grammar.

Nafis : Yes, we cannot avoid it. Grammar is necessary for making the language understandable to all.

Anis : Yes, I agree. Now, let’s go to the class.

Nafis : OK.

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