Paragraph : E-Learning

Write a paragraph about 'E-Learning' in about 150 words answering the following questions.
  1. What is e-learning?
  2. Who has given the concept of e-learning in Bangladesh?
  3. How is it different from conventional learning?
  4. How does the process of education take place in e-learning?
  5. What is the prospect of e-learning?


E-learning refers to various kinds of electronic media and information and communication technology in education. It includes all forms of educational technology supporting learning and teaching. In this process, students must be first equipped with basic knowledge of technology such as computer, the Internet, etc. this learning also provides the learners and teachers with text, radio, images, animation and streaming video. It can occur in or out of class. It can be self-paced, asynchronous or synchronous learning. But it can also be face-to-face learning, that is, it can be done in a conventional way with the support of technology. So, e-learning is the latest and most refined mode of education which is basically processed through an electronic device in general and the Internet in particular. Dr. Badrul Huda Khan, an eminent educationist in Bangladesh, is one of the theorists and thereby one of the pioneers of e-learning in our country. In fact, Dr. Khan has given his well thought of concept in Bangladesh. E-learning is totally different from conventional learning. In this system, a tutor can answer the question of a learner even when he is on board a flight to a distance country. In e-learning, everything from admission to certification is completed electronically through computer and the Internet technology in a virtual campus. E-learning is digitalized and conducted by a system called learning Management System (LMS). the revolutionary concept of e-learning is in its initial phase in many countries of the world. Its prospect is bright in Bangladesh. We expect the south Asian’s first virtual university here.

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