Paragraph : Women's Contributions to National Development

Write a paragraph about 'Women's Contributions to National Development' in about 150 words answering the following questions.
  1. How important is the participation of women in national development?
  2. What is the percentage of women of our population?
  3. What are the areas that women contribute to?
  4. What role do women play in garment industry?
  5. What role do women play in medical profession?
  6. What role do women play in the administrative are?
  7. Which activities are they participating at present?

Women's Contributions to National Development

Our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam praises women for their taking part in the development of our nation. He says that what is good, great and prosperous in the world is done half by men and half by women. In fact, the contribution of women to every sphere cannot be denied. Women comprise about 55% of our total population. No nation can achieve progress and development keeping this vast population backward and out of the main stream of development activities. Women are gradually coming up at an increasing rate to work outside. A good number of women are working in both formal and non-formal sectors. The number of women in mills, factories, construction work, plantation, garment industries, pharmaceutical industries, electronics, small scale trades and businesses are increasing day by day. 90% of the garment workers are women. The women are doing better than their counterparts in garment sectors. Their role is really appreciable. Besides, 95% of the nursing services are performed by our womenfolk. They are doing laudable work there. Thousands of female doctors are coming out every year and they are doing excellent jobs at home and abroad. In addition, they are doing excellent jobs in administration. Recently, women are joining the Armed Forces too in large numbers. At present, they are doing very well in teaching, engineering, banking, journalism, social work, etc. it is, no doubt, a very significant step. We are sure, their active participation in various fields of work will accelerate our development work. To speak the truth, for the national development, the participation of women is a must.
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