Paragraph : Yoga

Write a paragraph about 'Yoga' in about 150 words answering the following questions.
  1. What is yoga?
  2. What are the functions of yoga?
  3. How can yoga trainers choose the right practice for the practitioners?
  4. What are the health benefits of yoga?
  5. Can yoga cure you 100 per cent?


Yoga is a kind of posture and breathing exercise. It is an ancient exercise which originated in the Indian subcontinent many years ago. Mainly yoga emphasizes the breathing technique. According to Indian yoga, there is a deep relation between body and breath, Breath is the main life-force. It is said that anybody can maintain his or her good health controlling breath in different ways. Among them "Pranaum" is the yoga breathing technique. ‘Pranaum’ is such a practice which is important for the human body. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve the peace of the body and the mind. All the practitioners of yoga do not necessarily need the same kinds of practice. Yoga trainers gradually choose easier to complex activities for the practitioners. The potential health benefits of yoga are numerous. The regular practice of yoga helps manage stress and anxiety. With its quiet, precise movements, yoga draws one’s focus away from one’s busy, chaotic day towards calm. It also helps one enjoy improved balance, flexibility, range of motion and strength. Yoga might help one with a variety of health conditions, such as cancer, depression, pain, insomnia, fatigue and mood. Yoga can help reduce heartbeat and blood pressure. If one is overweight, yoga may help one drop those extra fats. But one should not expect that yoga will cure or offer 100 percent relief. But one can expect that one will be able to lead one’s life almost free from diseases. It can be an enjoyable supplement to one’s regular fitness routine.
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