Grammar : Appropriate Preposition (S - T - U - V - W - Y - Z)

Appropriate Preposition

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( S )

446. Sacred to — পবিত্র — A mosque is sacred to a Muslim.

447. Sad at — দুঃখিত — He was sad at leaving school. 

(i) Safe (adj.) from — দূরে — He is safe from danger.

(ii) Save (v) from — রক্ষা করা — I saved him from the danger.

(i) Satisfied with — সন্তুষ্ট — I am satisfied with him (or his conduct).

(ii) Satisfied of (the truth) — সন্তুষ্ট — I am satisfied of the truth of what you say.

(i) Satisfaction in — সন্তুষ্টি — I find satisfaction in helping the poor. 

(ii) Satisfaction at, with — সন্তুষ্টি — Great was his satisfaction at or with my result. 

(i) Search for; — সন্ধান করা — Our search for the thing was of no avail. We searched for it there.

(ii) (In) Search of — সন্ধান করা — They are in search of him.

(i) Secure against (attack) — নিরাপদ — The town is secure against attack. 

(ii) Secure from (harm) — নিরাপদ — His money is secure from robbers in a bank.

(i) Seek for — খোঁজা — We sought for it there (also, without for).

(ii) Seek after (a thing) — চাওয়া — We all seek after happiness. 

(iii) Seek of or from (a person) — কামনা করা — We sought help of or from him.

(i) Sensible of — জ্ঞাত — I am sensible of (aware) the risk I run.

(ii) Sensitive to — সংবেদনশীল — This instrument is very sensitive to cold.

455. Sentence to, of — দন্ডাজ্ঞা দেওয়া — He was sentenced to death for murder.

456. Shame at, for — লজ্জিত — I feel shame at or for your conduct. 

457. Short of — অভাব — I am short of funds.

(i) Sick (ill, tried) of — পীড়িত, ক্লান্ত — I am sick of this idle life. I am sick of fever. 

(ii) Sick for (a thing) — উতলা — I am sick for my home.

459. Side with — পক্ষ সমর্থন থাকা — He sided with me.

460. Silent about, on (a thing) — চুপ থাকা — He is silent about or on that point. 

461. Similar to — সদৃশ — The thing is similar to that.

462. Smell of (wine) (verb) — গন্ধ ছড়ানো — The glass smells of wine.

463. Smile upon — প্রসন্ন হওয়া — Fortune smiled upon (favoured) him at last.

464. Sorry for — দুঃখিত হওয়া — I am sorry for my mistake.

(i) Speak with — কথা বলা — I do not speak with him.

(ii) Speak to — কথা বলা — I spoke to about the matter.

(iii) Speak of — কথা বলা — He speaks highly of you.

(iv) Speak on — কথা বলা — He spoke on the subject. 

(i) Stare (a person) at — তাকিয়ে থাকা — He stared at the girl.

(ii) Stare in (the face) — চমকে দেওয়া —  

(i) Start for, from (a place) — রওয়ানা করা — He started from home for Rajshahi. 

(ii) Start at — চমকে দেওয়া — He started at (was startled by) my sudden entrance.

468. Strange to — অপরিচিত — This name is strange to me.

(i) Subject (none) of or for — বিষয় — What is the subject of for injury?

(ii) Subject (verb and adj) to — শিকার — We are subjected to great hardships. 

470. Submit to — বশ্যতা স্বীকার করা — The rebels submitted to the king (gave in).

471. Subordinate to — অধঃস্তন — He is subordinate (lower in position) to me in service. 

472. Subscribe to — চাঁদা দেওয়া — I shall subscribe to the fond. He subscribes (গ্রাহক হওয়া) to that paper.

473. Subsequent to — পরবর্তী — This happened subsequent to (after) my departure. 

474. Subsist on (a food) — খেয়ে বাঁচা — We subsist on rice (live by eating)

475. Substitute for — বিকল্প — Substitute single words for the following phrases. 

(i) Succeed to (a property) — উত্তরাধিকার লাভ করা — He succeeded to (inherited) his father's estates. Jahangir succeeded to (came after) Akbar (also, without to).

(ii) Succeed in (an object) — সাফল্য লাভ করা — He succeeded (সাফল্য লাভ করা) in his object. 

477. Sufficient for — পর্যাপ্ত — This amount is sufficient for our purpose. 

478. Succumb to (injury) — মৃত্যু বরণ করা — He succumbed to head injury. 

(i) Suffer from — কষ্ট ভোগ করা — I am suffering from malaria. 

(ii) Suffer for — শাস্তি ভোগ করা — You must suffer for your misdeeds.

(i) Suitable for — উপযোগী — This house is not suitable for (or to) me.

(ii) Suitable to — উপযোগী — The speech was not suitable to the occasion. 

481. Supplement to — পরিপূরক — This volume is a supplement to that.

482. Supply (a person) with (a thing), to (a person) — সরবরাহ করা — He supplies us with food.

483. Sure of — নিশ্চিত — I am sure of success. 

484. Surprised at, by — বিস্মিত — I am surprised at or by your conduct. 

485. Suspect of — সন্দেহ করা — I suspect him of treachery. 

486. Suspicious of — সন্দিহান — He is suspicious of my motive. 

487. Susceptible to — সহজে আক্রান্ত হওয়ার মত — Smokers are susceptible to cancer. 

488. Sympathy or, with — সহানুভূতি — I have no sympathy for or with him.

489. Sympathies with, in — সহানুভূতি দেখান — I sympathies with you in your misery.

( T )

490. Talk with, to of, about, over — কথা বলা — I was talking to or with John about or of or over it.

491. Taste for — আগ্রহ — He has no taste for music.

(i) Taste of (n) experience/ taste — অভিজ্ঞতা বা স্বাদ — I have had some taste of misery. Thou shall soon taste of death.

(ii) Taste of (v) (to have the favour) of — স্বাদ গ্রহণ করা — This dish tastes of garlic. 

493. Thankful to, for — কৃতজ্ঞ — I am thankful to you for your help.

494. Thank of, about — চিন্তা করা — What do you think of or about him? 

495. Tired of (waiting), by (a walk), or with (exerts) — ক্লান্ত — I am tired of waiting, or by the long walk, or with exertions. 

496. Tolerant of — সহনশীল — We must be tolerant of opposition. 

(i) Treat with (a person) — ব্যবহার — He treated well with (ভাল ব্যবহার করল) me.

(ii) Treat of (a subject) — আলোচনা করা — This book treats of (discusses) music. 

(iii) Treat (one) to (a dinner) — আপ্যায়ন করা — He treated us to (gave us) a dinner. 

498. Triumph over — জয়লাভ করা — He triumphed over his troubles (won)

499. True to — সত্যবাদী — Be true to your word.

(i) Trust (a thing) to (a person) with (a thing) — দায়িত্ব দেওয়া — You may trust (entrust) the work to me (or, you may trust me with the work).

(ii) Trust to (one's judgement) — নির্ভর করা — I can not trust to reply on his judgement. 

(iii) Trust in (God) — বিশ্বাস করা — Trust in God.

( U )

(i) Union with — মিলন — I seek union with Rahman with whom I quarrelled.

(ii) Unison with — একযোগে — They act in unison (একযোগে) with one another.

502. Unite with — একত্র হওয়া — I am now united with him.

503. Urge upon — পেশ করা — We urged the point upon his consideration. 

(i) (The) Use of (any or one) — প্রয়োজন — What is the use of this (or, of my going there)?

(ii) Use for (to be of) — প্রয়োজন — Have you any use for it? I have no use for it.

(iii) Use to (one) for — উপকারী/ দরকারী — This book is of great use to me for success in the examination. 

505. (To be) Used to — অভ্যস্ত — He is used to such hardship. 

506. Useful to (a person) for (a purpose) — উপকারী — This book is useful to students for success in the examination. 

( V )

507. Vary from (at) or with — অন্য রকম হওয়া — Your story varies (differs) from his. Your story is at variance with his.

(i) Vest (a power) in (a person) — ন্যস্ত করা — That power was vested in me.

(ii) Vest with (a power) — ন্যস্ত করা — I was vested with that power.

509. Victim of — বলি, শিকার — He was a victim of the earthquake disaster. 

510. Victim to — শিকার — He died a victim to his own folly. He fell a victim to avarice.

(i) View of — দৃষ্টিতে, বিবেচনায় — In view of what you say, I pardon you this time.

(ii) View to — উদ্দেশ্য — He came here with a view to getting my approval. 

( W )

(i) Wait for (a person), at (a lace) — অপেক্ষা — We waited for you at the corner.

(ii) Wait upon — সঙ্গে সঙ্গে পরিচর্যা — I waited upon the guest.

(i) Want of (noun) — অভাব — I have no want of money now.

(ii) Wanting in — অভাব — He is wanting in commonsense.

514. Warn (a person) of or against — সতর্ক করা — I warned him of his danger. I warned him against his neighbour (or, gambling)

(i) Weak of (undressing) — ভঙ্গুর — This bridge is weak of heavy traffic. 

(ii) Weak in (a subject or mind) — অদক্ষ — He is weak in mind and of intelligence. He is weak in Arabic—language. 

(i) Witness against, for — সাক্ষী — The doctor will act as a witness against (for) the defiance.

(ii) Witness to — নির্দেশক — His clothes are a witness to his poverty. 

(iii) Witness of — প্রমাণ — This man is a living witness of my sincerity. 

517. Wonder at — বিস্ময়াভিভূত — We wondered at the vastness of the sea.

518. Worthy of — যোগ্য — He is worthy of praise (or favour)

( Y )

519. Yield to — বশ্যতা স্বীকার করা — The rebels yielded to the king.

( Z )

520. Zealous for — উৎসাহী — He is zealous for freedom. 

521. Zest for — রুচি, উৎসাহ — I have no zest for the work now.

কোথাও বুঝতে অসুবিধা হলে কমেন্ট করে জানাবেন। 

Idiom and Phrase এর অন্তর্গত Preposition

1. At night/ day/ morning — রাতে/ দিনে/ সকালে 

2. At home — বাড়িতে থাকা, কোনো বিষয়ে দক্ষ হওয়া

3. At a loss for (something) — হতভম্ভ হওয়া

4. At one's disposal — (কারও) নিজের আয়ত্বে বা হাতে 

5. At one's own cost — নিজ খরচে

6. At the bottom of — (কোনো কিছুর) নিচের অংশে

7. At the sight of — কোনো কিছু দেখার পরে

8. Beyond one's capacity — কারো সামর্থ্যের বাইরে

9. Beyond question — প্রশ্নাতীত/ সন্দেহাতীত

10. By hand — হাতে হাতে, সরাসরি

11. Go for a walk — বেড়াতে যাওয়া

12. Good for nothing — উপকারে আসে না এমন

13. At the weekend — সপ্তাহের শেষে বা ছুটির দিনে বা বন্ধের দিনে

14. At an early age — খুব কম বা অল্প বয়সে

15. At the end of — (কিছুর) ধারে/ শেষে

16. Catch at — আঁকড়ে ধরা

17. Get mad at (sb) — কারও সাথে মজা করা

18. Take/ have a glance at (sb/ sth) — এক পলক দেখা

19. By day — দিনের বেলা

20. By marriage — বিবাহসূত্রে

21. Learn (sth) by heart — মুখস্থ করা

22. Judge (sth) by its appearance — বাহ্যিক বিচার করা

23. For sale — বিক্রয়যোগ্য

24. Word for word — হুবহু লিখা বা বর্ণনা করা

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