Grammar : Appropriate Preposition (M - N - O - P - Q - R)

Appropriate Preposition

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( M )

350. Marry (one person) to (another) — বিবাহে আবদ্ধ হওয়া — Fetema was married to Ali. 
(i) Match (noun) for — সমকক্ষ — He is no match for me.

(ii) Match (verb) with — মানানসই হওয়া — This colour matches with (agrees with) that.

352. Mindful of — মনোযোগী — Be mindful of your duties. 

353. Mourn for (the dead) — শোক করা — We all mourn for him.

354. Murmur at, against — মৃদু অসন্তোষ জানানো — They murmur (complaint in low tones) at their low wages. People are murmuring against the new tax.

( N )

355. Natural to — স্বাভাবিক — Such kindness is natural to him.

(i) Necessity for — উপযোগীতা — What is the necessity for this book?

(ii) Necessity of — প্রয়োজনীয়তা — The general felt the necessity of surrender (or surrendering)

(iii) Necessity to — প্রয়োজন — This is a necessity to me.

(i) (ln) Need of; (any or no) — অভাব — I am in need of money.

(ii) Need for — প্রয়োজন — Do you have any (or no) need for money now?

(i) Neglect of, in — অবহেলা — He was fined for neglect of duty; or for neglect in doing his duty.

(ii) Neglectful of — অবহেলাকারী — You are neglectful or negligent of duty.

(iii) Negligent of, in — অবহেলাকারী — You are negligent in your work.

( O )

(i) Object to — আপত্তি করা — I object to that remark. 

(ii) Objection to against (a proposal), against (a person) — আপত্তি — I have no objection to or against the proposal (or, against him)

(i) Obliged to (a person) — বাধিত, কৃতজ্ঞ — I am obliged to you for your kindness. 

(ii) Obliged for (a thing) — বাধিত, কৃতজ্ঞ — I am obliged to you for your kindness. 

361. Obstacle to — প্রতিবন্ধক — Poverty is often an obstacle to higher studies. 

(i) Occupied with (a business) — ব্যাপৃত — He is occupied with his books.

(ii) Occupied in (doing a thing) — ব্যাপৃত — He is occupied in writing a letter.

(i) Offend against (a rule) — লঙ্ঘন করা — You have offended against (violated) good manners.

(ii) Offended with (a person), at (an action) — অসন্তুষ্ট — You have offended (displeased) with you at your conduct.

(iii) Offensive to — বিরক্তিকর — The smell of this acid is offensive to me.

364. Open to — খোলা — Your plan is open to objection. 

(i) Opportunity of (doing) — সুযোগ — He had no opportunity of going there.

(ii) Opportunity for (action) — সুযোগ — This is your opportunity for action (also 'opportunity to do)

366. Opposed to — বিরোধী — I am opposed to the proposal. 

367. Opposite to — বিপরীত — His house is opposite to mine.

368. Opposition to — বিরোধীতা — He offered strong opposition to the bill.

(i) Originate with or from (a person) — উৎপত্তি হওয়া — The idea originated with or from him.

(ii) Originate in or from (a thing) — উৎপত্তি হওয়া — The fire originated in or from the kitchen. 

370. (To be) overcome with, by emotion etc. — জয় করা, অতিক্রম করা — He was overcome with fatigue, or by my entreaties.

371. Overwhelmed with, at — অভিভূত — He is overwhelmed with grief at his brother's death. 

372. Owe to — ঋণী — I owe (be indebted for) my all to him.

( P )

373. Parallel to — সমান্তরাল) — The straight line is parallel to that.

374. Parody on or of (a poem) — নকল, অনুকরণ — This is a parody on (or of) a poem of Milton (a composition in imitation of another to make toerhs laugh at him).

(i) Part from — বিদায় জানানো — It is painful for a mother to part from or with her son.

(ii) Part with (say good—bye to),  with (give up) — ত্যাগ করা — I can not part with this book (or pen)

(i) Partial to — পক্ষপাতদুষ্ট — He is partial to his friend. 

(ii) Partiality for — পক্ষপাতিত্ব — He has no partiality for his friend. 

377. Passion for (stong enthusiasm) — অনুরাগ — He has passion for music.

(i) Patient (difficulties), of — ধৈর্যশীল — He is patient of his sufferings. 

(ii) Patient under (suffering) — সহিষ্ণুতা, ধৈর্য — Be patient under difficulties.  

(iii) Patient with — সহিষ্ণুতা, ধৈর্য — He lost all patience with me.

379. (At) with pace — শান্তিতে থাকা — I want to live at peace with you.

380. Peculiar to — বৈশিষ্ট্যপূর্ণ — That style of play is peculiar with you.

381. Penetrate through, into, to — বিদীর্ণ করা — The enemy penetrated through our lines into or to the village. 

382. Persist in — অটলভাবে চালিয়ে যাওয়া — He persisted in disturbing me.

383. Pity for — দয়াদ্র হওয়া — Have pity for the poor.

(i) Play at (a game) — খেলা — They are playing at cricket. 

(ii) Play on (an instrument) — বাজানো — He is playing on a harp. 

(iii) Play with — তামাশা করা — I shall not play with you.

385. Plead with (a person) for or against (something) — অনুরোধ করা — He pleaded with me for justice (or, against the wrong done to him).

(i) Pleased with (a man), about (one's conduct) — সন্তুষ্ট — I am pleased with him or about his conduct. 

(ii) Pleased at (before a gerund) — সন্তুষ্ট — I am pleased at finding him here.

(i) Point out — দেখিয়ে দেওয়া — Point out the mistakes here.

(ii) Point at — তাক করা — He pointed his gun at me.

(iii) Point to — দেখিয়ে দেওয়া — His speech pointed to some of our defects.

388. Poor (spirit) in — অভাবী — Bangladesh is not poor in natural resources. 

389. Popular with for — জনপ্রিয় — He is popular with all for his goodness. 

390. Precaution against — পূর্ব সতর্কতা — Take precaution against cold. 

(i) Prefer (one) to another — প্রাধান্য দেওয়া — I prefer (like better) health to wealth. 

(ii) Preferable to — অধিকতর পছন্দনীয় — Health is preferable to wealth.

(i) Preference to, over — I give him preference to or over his brother. 

(ii) Preference for (a thing) — I have no preference for any of the candidates. 

(i) Prejudice against — ঝোঁক — I have no prejudice (bias) against marriage. 

(ii) Prejudicial to — ক্ষতি করা — Smoking is prejudicial (harmful) health. 

(i) Prepare for — প্রস্তুতি নেওয়া — He is preparing for the examination. 

(ii) Prepare against (danger) — প্রস্তুতি নেওয়া (বিপদের মোকাবিলায়) — Prepare against the coming danger.

(iii) Preparatory to — প্রস্তুতিমূলক — He is packing preparatory to departure. 

(i) Present (a thing) to — উপহার দেওয়া — I presented the book to my sister. 

(ii) Present (a person), with (a thing) — উপহার দেওয়া — I presented my sister with the book.

396. Preside over, at — সভাপতিত্ব করা — He presided over the meeting. (or at the table)

397. Pretend to — মিথ্যা জাহির করা — I do not pretend to high birth.

398. Pretext for — কারণ/ ওজর — What is your pretext for opposing me?

(i) Prevail on — যুক্তগ্রাহ্য করা — I prevailed on (persuaded) him to go home.

(ii) Prevail with — কার্যকর প্রমাণ হওয়া — My argument did not prevail (prove effective) with him.

(iii) Prevail over or against — উৎসে যাওয়া — l   prevailed over (or, against) (overcame) all difficulties. 

400. Prevent (one) from (going) — বারণ করা — I prevented him from going to cinema. 

401. Previous to — পূর্ববর্তী — Previous to (before) that, he was a clerk.

(i) Pride (n) in — গর্ব — He takes pride in or prides himself on his rank.

(ii) Pride (v) (oneself) on — গর্ব — He takes pride in or prides himself on his rank.

(iii) Proud of — গর্বিত — He is proud of his rank.

403. Prior to — পূর্বে — Prior to (before) that, he was a clerk.

(i) Proceed with (a thing already begun) — উদ্যোগ — He did not look at me but proceeded with his work. 

(ii) Proceed to (a new thing) — উদ্যাগ — He bade me good–bye, and proceeded with his work. 

(iii) Proceed from (the source) — উদ্যোগ — Light and heart proceed from the sun.

(iv) Proceed against — মামলা রুজু করা — I shall proceed against you in a court.

405. Profitable to — লাভজনক — This transaction is profitable to me.

406. Prohibit from — নিষেধ করা — I prohibited him from going to cinema. 

407. Prompt in (answer), at (figures) — চটপটে — He is prompt in his answers. He is prompt at figures. 

408. Prone to — প্রবণ — He is prone to (inclined to something bad) idleness.

409. Proportionate to — সমানুপাতিক — Punishment should be proportionate to the offence.

(i) Protect from or against — রক্ষা করা — I shall protect you from or against dangers.

(ii) Protection against — রক্ষা করা — Take proper protection against cold.

( Q )

411. Qualified for — যোগ্য — He is qualified for the post.

412. Quick at, of — চালু, দ্রুত — He is quick at figures, or of understanding (prompt).

413.Quarrel with, (a person), about, for over (a thing) — ঝগড়া করা — They quarrelled with one another about or for or over the house.

( R )

(i) Reason for (n) — যুক্ত — What is your reason for doing it?

(ii) Reason with, about (v) — তর্ক করা — Don't reason (argue – তর্ক করা) with me about the matter.

415. Rebel against — বিদ্রোহ করা — The soldiers rebelled against the king.

416. Recover from — আরোগ্য লাভ করা — He has recovered from his illness. 

417. Refer to, for — পাঠানো — Refer the matter to him for inquiry. 

418. Regard (noun) for — শ্রদ্ধা — I have no regard (respect) for him.

419. (In or with) Regard to — শ্রদ্ধাবোধ — In (or, with) regard to that matter, I have nothing to say.

420. Regardful or Regardless of — সশ্রদ্ধ অথবা উদাসীন — He is regardful (or, regardless) of the feelings of others. 

(i) Rejoice at — উল্লসিত হওয়া — I rejoiced at his grand success as an actor.

(ii) Rejoice in — উল্লসিত হওয়া — Sheela rejoices in her own success in the examination. 

422. Relevant to — প্রাসঙ্গিক — Your remark is not relevant (pertinent) to the point. 

423. Relieve of, from — উপশম করা — This will relieve you of or from pain.

424. Rely on — নির্ভর করা — You may reply on my word. 

425. Remarkable for — লক্ষণীয় — He is remarkable (noted) for this disease. (Nesfield has 'remedy' for or against snake–bite.') 

426. Remedy for (cure) — প্রতিকার — There is no remedy for this disease. 

427. Remind (one) of (a thing) — মনে করিয়া দেয়া — I reminded him of his promise. 

428. Render into — রূপান্তরিত করা — Render the passage into English. 

429. Reply to — জবাব — I have sent a reply to his inquiry. 

430. Require (a thing) of (a person) — চাওয়া — I required a loan of him. 

(i) Resolve into (factor) — বিশ্লেষণ করা — Resolve (analysis) the expression into factors.

(ii) Resolve upon (determined) — সংকল্পবদ্ধ হওয়া — He is resolved (সংকল্পবদ্ধ) upon going away.

432. Resort to — অবলম্বন করা — We must resort to (use) force to put them down.

(i) Respect for — শ্রদ্ধা — I have great respect for him. 

(ii) (In) Respect of — বিবেচনায় — He is senior to me in respect of service. 

(iii) (with) Respect to — সম্পর্কে — We had a talk with respect to (about) that matter.

434. Respectful to — বিনীত — He is respectful to his elders.

435. Respond to — সাড়া দেওয়া — Respond to the roll—call.

436. Responsible to (authority) for (one's action) — দায়ী — I am responsible to the Board for my action.

437. Restore to — ফিরিয়ে দেয়া, উদ্ধার করা — Restore (give back) his property to him.

438. Restrict to — সীমাবদ্ধ করা — Admission was restricted to students. 

(i) Result (noun) of (a test) — ফলাফল — The result of the examination is out.

(ii) Result (verb) from (a cause) — কারণ স্বরূপ — Misery results from vice.

(iii) Result in (a consequence) — ফলস্বরূপ হয় — Vice results in misery.

(i) Retire from (business), on (pension), into (loneliness) — অবসরে যাওয়া — He retired from service on a pension.

(ii) Retire to (bed) — বিশ্রাম নেওয়া — He retried into loneliness in his old age. Let us retire to bed.

441. Revenge on, for — প্রতিশোধ লওয়া — He took revenge (or revenged himself) on me for opposing him. 

442. Reward (a man) with (something) for (service) — পুরস্কৃত করা — He rewarded me with the post for my help to his boy.

443. Rich in — সমৃদ্ধশালী — Bangladesh is not rich in minerals.

444. Rid of — ছেড়ে দেওয়া — Get rid of your bad habit.

445. Rob (a man) of (his money) — লুন্ঠন করা — The man robbed me of my all.

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