Grammar : Appropriate Preposition (D - E)

Appropriate Preposition

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( D )

(i) Deaf of an, in one, ear — বধির — He is deaf of an (or in one) ear.

(ii) Deaf to (not listen to) — অমনোযোগী, শ্রবণে অনিচ্ছুক — He is deaf to entreaty.

(i) Deal in (trade in) goods — ব্যবসা করা — He deals in rich, but does not deal honestly with his customers. 

(ii) Deal with a person (behave) — আচার ব্যবহার — He deals cruelly by or with me.

(iii) Deal with a subject (write or talk about it) — লিখা বা আলোচনা করা — Deals Deals with the subject in his new book.

(i) Decide upon — সিদ্ধান্ত নেয়া — I have not decided upon my plan of action. 

(ii) Decide against — সিদ্ধান্ত নেয়া — The case was decided against him.

179. Dedicate to — উৎসর্গ করা — He dedicated the book to his mother.

180. Deduce from — অনুমান করা, সিদ্ধান্ত করা — I deduced (inferred) the truth from his remarks.

(i) Defend from — রক্ষা করা — I shall defend you from your enemy. 

(ii) Defend against — রক্ষা করা — I shall defend you against all attack.

182. Deficient in — ক্রুটিপূর্ণ — He is deficient in learning (weak).

183. Defer to — স্থগিত করা — The discussion was deferred (put off) to the next meeting.

184. Deliberate upon (discuss) — আলোচনা করা — We deliberated long upon (considered) that matter.

(i) Delight in — পরমানন্দ পাওয়া — He finds delight in books.

(ii) Delighted at — পরমান্দিত — He is delighted at or with the result. 

(iii) Delighted with — আনন্দ লাভ করা (কিছু পেয়ে) — The child is delighted with his toys.

186. Depend upon — বিশ্বাস করা — You can depend upon my word.

187. Dependent on — নির্ভরশীল — He is dependent on me.

188. Deprive of — বঞ্চিত করা — He was deprived of all power.

189. Derive from — আহরণ করা — He derives (gets) a fat income from books.

190. Derogate from Derogatory to — খর্ব করা — This will derogate from (or This is derogatory to) his honour.

191. Descent from, Descendant of — উত্তর সূরি — The Raja claimed to be a descendant from (or descendants of) Sri Ramchandra.

192. Deserving of — যোগ্য — His conduct was deserving of praise.

193. Desire for of; Desirous of — অভিলাষী হওয়া — He has no desire for or of wealth. 

194. Despair of — নিরাশ হওয়া — He despairs (is hopeless) of success.

195. Destined for, to — ভাগ্য নির্ধারিত — He is destined for or to that service.

196. Destitute of — সম্পূর্ণ বঞ্চিত বা বিহীন — I am destitute (without) of any friend here.

197. Destructive of, to — ধ্বংসকর — Drinking is destructive of or to health.

198. Detach from — আলাদা — He became detached (separated) from his friendly. 

199. Determined on — দৃঢ়সংকল্প — He is determined on going home.

200. Detrimental to — ক্ষতিকর — Drinking is detrimental (injurious) to health.

201. Deviate from — পথভ্রষ্ট হওয়া — I can not deviate (go aside) from truth.

202. Devoid of — বিচ্যুত, বিচ্ছিন্ন — Your story is devoid of (without) truth.

203. Devote to — নিয়োজিত করা — Devote some time to pray every day. 

(i) Die of (a disease) — রোগে মারা যাওয়া — He died of cholera and not of hunger.

(ii) Die by (violence or accident) — দূর্ঘটনায় মারা যাওয়া — He died by poison.

(iii) Die from (a cause) — কোনো কারণে মারা যাওয়া — He died from overwork.

(iv) Die for (something) — কোনো উদ্দেশ্য সাধনে মারা যাওয়া — He died for his country. 

(i) Differ from — ভিন্ন ধরনের — This thing differs from (is unlike) that is colour.

(ii) Differ in, with — ভিন্ন মত পোষণ করা — I differ with (have a different opinion from) you on this point.

(iii) Differ on about — কোনো বিষয়ে ভিন্ন মত পোষণ করা — Men differ in opinion about his conduct.

(i) Difference between — পার্থক্য — What is the difference between the two? 

(ii) Different from — ভিন্ন — This thing is different from that.

207. Diffident of — সন্দিহান — I am different of success (doubtful)

(i) Disappointed at — হতাশ — He was disappointed at your failure. 

(ii) Disappointed of — বঞ্চিত — He was disappointed of the prize (i.e.., did not get it at all).

(iii) Disappointed in — আশাতীত সাফল্য না আসা — He was disappointed of the prize (i.e.., got the prize, but it did not satisfy him).

(iv) Disappointed with — হতাশ (কোনো ব্যক্তির ব্যাপারে) — I am disappointed with him.

209. Disagree with (one) on (a point) — মতের গরমিল — I disagreed with him on that point.

210. Disgrace to — লজ্জার কারণ — He is a disgrace to his family. 

(i) Disgusted at/ with — প্রচণ্ড অসন্তুষ্টিতে পড়া — I am disgusted with, or by, or at his conduct.

(ii) Disgusted by — অপমানিত হওয়া — He was disgusted by me.

(i) Dislike to — বিরাগ মনোভাব — I have a dislike to the boy. 

(ii) Dislike of or for — অপছন্দ — I can not shake off my dislike of or for him. 

213. Dispense with — কাজের জবাব দেওয়া — I dispensed with (did without) his services.

(i) Displeased with (a person) at — অসন্তুষ্ট — I am displeased with him at or by his conduct.

(ii) Displeased by (his conduct) — অসন্তুষ্ট — I am displeased with him at or by his conduct. 

215. Dispose of (finish) — সমাপ্ত করা — Let us dispose of our work.

216. Dispute with (a person) about,  on (matter) — মত পার্থক্য থাকা — l had a dispute with him about (or on) that matter.

217. Disqualified for (a post), Disqualified from (competing) — অযোগ্য ঘোষিত — He is over-aged and is disqualified for (or form appearing at) the examination. 

218. Dissimilar to — বিসাদৃশ্য — This thing is dissimilar to that.

219. Distinct from — স্বতন্ত্র, পৃথক — These families are distinct from one another.

(i) Distinguish between — পার্থক্য নির্ণয় করা — Distinguish between the two.

(ii) Distinguish from, by — পার্থক্য করা — I distinguished you from him by your dress.

221. Distrust of — অনাস্থা, অবিশ্বাস — There is reason for your distrust of him.

222. Divert from, to — ভিন্নমুখে ফিরান — The noise diverted (drew away) my attention from the book to the crowd.

223. Domineer over — আধিপত্য করা — He domineers (rules) over the whole class.

(i) Doubt (n) about, of — সন্দেহ করা/ থাকা — There is no doubt about or of his honesty. 

(ii) Doubtful of — সন্দেহ করা/ থাকা — I am doubtful of his honesty. 

225. Due to — প্রাপ্য — No money is due to me (payable) from him.

(i) Dull of (hearing) — দুর্বল শ্রবণশক্তি সম্পন্ন — He is dull of hearing. 

(ii) Dull at (work) — ধীর গতি সম্পন্ন — He is dull (show) at physics.

(i) Dwell in (a place) — বাস করা — He dwells in this house.

(ii) Dwell upon (a subject) — আলোচনা করা — He dwelt long upon (discussed) the subject. 

( E )

228. Eager for, after, about — আগ্রহী — He is eager for (or after) fame, or about result. 

229. Easy of — অমায়ীক ব্যবহার — He is easy of access.

230. Elicit from — গুপ্তকিছু বের করা — I elicited (drew out) the information form him.

231. Eligible for — যোগ্য — He is eligible for the post (qualified)

232. Emerge from, into — বের হওয়া — The tiger emerged (came out) from the jungle into the open field. 

233. End in — ফল বয়ে আনে — Vice must end (result) in misery.

234. Endowed with — গুণসমৃদ্ধ — He is endowed with (possesses) talents.

(i) Engaged with (a person) — ব্যস্ত (ব্যক্তির সাথে) — I was engaged in conversation with him.

(ii) Engaged in (some work) — জড়িত (কোনো কাজে) — He is engaged in writing books (or, in work).

(iii) Engaged to — বাগদত্তা — My daughter is engaged to (betrothed to) his son.

236. Ensure of — নিশ্চয়তা — He has ensured me of safety. 

(i) Enter into (a room) — প্রবেশ করা — He entered into the room (also without into)

(ii) Enter upon (a career) — শুরু করা — He has entered upon his new duties. 

(iii) Enter for (an examination) — অংশগ্রহণ — I have entered for the examination. 

(i) Entertained by (a room) — চিত্তবিনোদন — We were entertained by him with music at the party.

(ii) Entertained with (music) — চিত্তবিনোদন — We were entertained by him with music at the party. 

(iii) Entertained at (a party) — চিত্তবিনোদন — We were entertained by him with music at the party.

239. Entitled to — অধিকারী — He is entitled to a reward for honesty. 

(i) Entrust with — দায়িত্ব প্রদান — I entrusted him with the thing.

(ii) Entrust to — দায়িত্ব প্রদান — I entrusted the thing to him.

(i) Envy of (person) — ঈর্ষা — I have no envy (jealousy) of him.

(ii) Envy at (advantages) — ঈর্ষান্বিত — I have no envy at or of his success. 

(iii) Envious of — ঈর্ষান্বিত — I am not envious (jealous) of his success. He was envious of my reputation. 

(i) Equal in (rank) — সম মর্যাদাবান — I am equal in rank with you.

(ii) Equal to (a task) — সক্ষম — I am not equal to (able to do) the task.

(iii) Equal with (a person) — সমান — He is to blame equally with his brother. 

243. Escape from — নিষ্কৃতি — There is no escape from death.

244. Essential to — অত্যাবশ্যক — Health is essential to succeed in life (absolutely necessary for).

245. Excel in — গুণে, কৃতিত্বে শ্রেষ্ঠ হওয়া — He excels in painting.

(i) Exception to — ব্যতিক্রম — There is no exception to the rule.

(ii) Exception of — ছাড়া — All were present with the exception of Rahman.

(i) Exchange with — বিনিময় — I often exchange ideas with him.

(ii) Exchange for — বিকল্প — What will you give me in exchange for this.

(i) Exclude from — বাদ দেওয়া — Minor are excluded (kept out of) from the list of votes.

(ii) Exclusive of — ব্যতীত, ছাড়া — The price of the thing is Tk. 100 exclusive of railway freight. 

(i) Excuse from — ক্ষমা করা — I excuse (ক্ষমা করা) you from attendance.

(ii) Excuse for — কারণ, যুক্তি — What is your excuse for failure? 

(i) Exempt from — রেহাই দেওয়া — He was exempted from the fine.

(ii) Expect from, of — আশা করা — I did not expect this from or of him.

(iii) Expert at or in — দক্ষ — He is expert at the flute. He is expert in drawing. 

251. Expose to — প্রদর্শন করা — Don't expose it (keep open) to the sun.

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