Grammar : Appropriate Preposition (A)

Appropriate Preposition

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( A )

01. Abandoned to — পরিত্যক্ত — The orphan boy was abandoned to his fate. 

(i) Abide by — মেনে চলা — We should abide by the laws of the state. 

(ii) Abide in, at — বাস করা — We abide in Rajshahi. 

(iii) Abide with — সঙ্গে থাকা — He abides with his parents. 

03. Ability for — সামার্থ্য থাকা — He has no ability for buying a house.

(i) Abound in — প্রচুর পরিমাণে থাকা — Fish abounds in the pond.

(ii) Abound with — পূর্ণ থাকা — The river Padma abounds with Hilsa fish.

05. Absent from — অনুপস্থিত থাকা — He was absent from the meeting. 

06. Abstain from — বিরত থাকা — I shall abstain from smoking. 

07. Absorbed in — মগ্ন থাকা — He is now absorbed in thought. 

08. Accede to — রাজী হওয়া — He acceded to my proposal. 

09. Access to — প্রবেশাধিকার — We have free access to the principal. 

10. Accessible to — সমীপে গমনযোগ্য — Our Upazila Chairman is accessible to all.

(i) Accommodate (one) with (a loan) — সংস্থাপন করা — He accommodated (সংস্থান করল) me with a loan.

(ii) Accommodate (oneself) to (circumstances) — মানিয়ে নেওয়া — We should accommodate (অভ্যস্থ করা বা মানিয়ে নেয়া) ourselves to circumstances. 

(i) Accompanied by (a person) — সহযোগী হওয়া — I was accompanied there by my friend. 

(ii) Accompanied with (a thing) — সাথে — He is suffering from fever accompanied with headache. 

(i) Accord to — প্রদান করা — They accorded (দিল) a grand reception to the leader. 

(ii) Accord with — সঙ্গতিপূর্ণ হওয়া — Your story accords (মিল হয়) with his.

14. According to (In accordance with) — অনুসারে, সঙ্গতিপূর্ণ — According to (In accordance with) your order, I went there.

(i) Account for — জবাবদিহি করা — I have to account for this money.

(ii) Accountable to (a person) — দায়ী (ব্যক্তির নিকট) — We are accountable (দায়ী) to Allah for our deeds.

(iii) Accountable for (an action) — দায়ী (কোন কাজের জন্য) — He is accountable to me for the book.

16. Accused of — অভিযুক্ত — The minister was accused of corruption. 

17. Accustomed to — অভ্যস্ত — I am not accustomed to such a life.

18. Acquainted with — পরিচিত — He is acquainted with me.

19. Acquit (one) of — বেকসুর খালাস দেওয়া — The judge acquitted him of the charge.

(i) Adapted to (one's ability) — উপযোগী (কারো সামর্থের কাছে) — This work is not adapted to (উপযোগী) my abilities. 

(ii) Adapted for (a purpose) — উপযোগী (কোন উদ্দেশ্য সাধনের ক্ষেত্রে) — This story is adapted for school boys from a story Shaokat Osman.

(iii) Adapted from (the original) — কোন উৎস থেকে গৃহীত — This story is adapted for school boys from a story Shaokat Osman.

21. Add to — যোগ করা — Add this amount to that.

22. Addicted to — আসক্ত — He is addicted to wine.

23. Adept in — সুদক্ষ, কুশলী — He is adept in painting. 

24. Adhere to — লেগে থাকা — I still adhere (stick) to my plan.

25. Adjacent to — সন্নিহিত — His house is adjacent (close) to mine.

26. Adjourned to, for — মূলতবী — The meeting was adjourned (put off) to Sunday next (or, for a week). 

(i) Admit of (excuse) — স্বীকার করা — Your conduct admits of no excuse.

(ii) Admit to/ into (a place, class, Institute etc.) — কোনো প্রতিষ্ঠানে ভর্তি হওয়া — He was admitted into the medical college. 

(i) Advantage of, (to gain) — সুযোগ — He took advantage of my absence to steal my book.

(ii) Advantage over — সুবিধা — He gained advantage over me in the race.

29. Advantageous to — সুবিধাজনক — The new rule is advantageous to us.

30. Adverse to — প্রতিকূল — Your plan is adverse (against) to our interests.

(i) Affection for, towards — স্নেহশীল হওয়া — He has affection for or towards me.

(ii) Affectionate to towards — স্নেহশীল — He is affectionate to or towards me.

32. Affix to, on — লাগানো — Affix this stamp to or on the letter (attach).

(i) Afflicted with (a disease) — রোগে ভোগা — He is afflicted with (suffering from) gout.
(ii) Afflicted at — দুর্দশা গ্রস্ত — She is afflicted at the death of her son.

34. Afraid (of) — ভীত — I am afraid of him. He is afraid of doing this.

(i) Agree with (a person) — রাজী হওয়া — I agree with you on this point. "l agree with what you say.'' 

(ii) Agree on (a point) — একমত হওয়া — I agree with you on this point. "l agree with what you say.'' 

(iii) Agree to (a proposal) — সমর্থন করা — I agree to your proposal. 

36. Agreeable to — উপযোগী — The climate of this place is agreeable to me.

37. Aim at — শিকার করা — He aimed at the flying bird.

38. Akin to — সদৃশ — My feeling for him is akin to pity.

39. Alarmed at, by, for — শঙ্কিত — We are alarmed at (or, by) the news. He is alarmed for my safety. 

40. Alien (foreign) to — বেমানন — Such rudeness is alien to his nature.

41. Alienated from — বিদেশী, পৃথক — He has been alienated (separated) from his friend. 

(i) Alliance or Allied with — মৈত্রী/ জোট — England has formed an alliance with or, is allied with France. 

(ii) Allid to (some thing) — জোটবদ্ধ (বস্তু) — The thing is allid to (of the same nature as) that.

43. Allot to — বন্টন করা — Fifty shares were allotted to (assigned) me.

44. Aloof from — দূরে — Keep aloof (away) from such friends. 

(i) Alternates with — অনুসরণ করে — Light alternates with darkness. 

(ii) Alternative to — বিকল্প — This question is a alternative to that.

46. Amazed at — বিস্ময়াভিভূত — I am amazed (overwhelmed with wonder) at your conduct.

(i) Ambition for — উচ্চাকাঙ্ক্ষা — I have no ambition for fame.

(ii) Ambitious of — উচ্চাকাঙ্ক্ষী — I am not ambitious of fame.

48. Amenable to — বাধ্য, মেনে নেয় এমন — He is not amenable to reason.

49. Amount to — মোট পরিমাণ হওয়া — What does the total amount to?

50. Amused at, by, with — আমোদিত — I am amused at or by or wish your story.

(i) Angry with/ at (a person) — রাগান্বিত হওয়া (ব্যক্তির প্রতি) — He is angry with me for my having done this.

(ii) Angry for (something) — বিক্ষুদ্ধ হওয়া (কোন কাজের কারণে) — He is angry with me for my having done this.

(iii) Angry at or about (a thing) — রাগান্বিত হওয়া (কোন কিছুর প্রতি) — He is angry at or about my failure. 

52. Annex to — লাগানো — Annex this slip to the letter (add).

(i) Annoyed with (a person) — বিরক্ত (কোন ব্যক্তির প্রতি) — He was annoyed with me for my going there.

(ii) Annoyed for (doing something) — বিরক্ত (কোন কারণে) — He was annoyed with me for my going there.

(iii) Annoyed at (a thing) — বিরক্ত (কোন কিছুর প্রতি) — He was annoyed at my conduct.

(i) Answer to (reply, or respond to) the roll–call — উত্তর দেয়া — The students answered to the roll–call.

(ii) Answer for (One's conduct) — কৈফিয়ত দেয়া — You must answer for (explain) your conduct.

55. Antidote to — প্রতিষেধক — What is the antidote (medicine to counteract) to this poison? (also, against, for).

56. Antipathy to, against — বিদ্বেষ — I have an antipathy (strong dislike) to smoking, but not against him.

(i) Anxious about — উদ্বিগ্ন — I am anxious (uneasy) about the result. 

(ii) Anxious for — অতি আগ্রহী — I am anxious for (earnestly desirous of) the prize.

58. Apologies to (a person) for (rudeness) — অপরাধ স্বীকার করা — You must apologise to him for your rudeness. 

(i) Appeal to (a person) for (redress) — আবেদন — I appealed to him for help.

(ii) Appeal against (a decision) — আপত্তি জানানো — I shall appeal against your decision. 

60. Appetite for — ক্ষুধা — I have no appetite (hunger) for food.

61. Apply to (a person)/ for (a post) — আবেদন করা — I applied to him for the post.

62. Appointed to (a post) — নিযুক্ত — He was appointed to the post.

63. Apposition to, with — পরিবর্তে — This clause is an apposition to or with that clause.

64. Apprehensive of — আশঙ্কিত — I am Apprehensive (fearful) of failure. 

65. Apprised of — অবগত — We were duly apprised (informed) of the event. 

66. Appropriate to — যথাযথ — Your remark is not Appropriate to (fitting) the occasion. 

67. Approve of — অনুমোদন করা — I approve of your action. (Also without of)

68. Aptitude for — প্রবণতা — I have no Aptitude (talent) for music. 

69. Ashamed of — লজ্জিত — I am ashamed of your conduct.

70. Ask (a thing) of (a person) — চাওয়া — He asked a loan of me.

71. Ask (a thing) for (a person) — চাওয়া — He asked me for a loan.

72. Ask about, after — কিছু সম্পর্কে জানতে চাওয়া — He asked about or after you.

73. Aspiration for, after — উচ্চআশা — I have no aspiration for (or after) riches.

74. Assent to — সম্মতি দেওয়া — I assented (consented) to the proposal. 

75. Assign to — কর্মাদির দায়িত্ব দেওয়া — He assigned (allotted) the task to me.

76. Associated with (a person) in (a business) — সংশ্লিষ্ট — He was associated with you in the plot.

77. Assure (one) of — নিশ্চয়তা দেওয়া/ আশ্বস্ত করা — He assured me of his help.

78. Astonished at — বিস্মিত — I was astonished at your courage. 

79. Attach to — সংযুক্ত করা — Attach this slip to the letter.

(i) Attacked by (a person) — আক্রান্ত — He was attacked by robbers on the way.

(ii) Attacked with (fever) — আক্রান্ত — He has been attacked with fever.

(i) Attend to — মনোযোগ দেওয়া — Attend (listen) to your teacher. 

(ii) Attend upon — যত্ন নেওয়া — I attended upon (served or looked after) the patient. 

(iii) Attend at — উপস্থিত থাকা — We attended at the station for him (also without at).

(i) Attended by (a person) — সহগামী হওয়া — He was attended by his servants. 

(ii) Attended with (a thing) — সহযোগিতা — The task is attended with difficulty. 

(i) Attribute (a loss) to (a person) — আরোপ করা — He attributed the loss to me (held me responsible for it).

(i) Authority for — অধিক — What is your authority for such a statement? 

(ii) Authority on — দক্ষ হওয়া — He is an authority (expert) on politics. 

(iii) Authority of — কর্তৃপক্ষ — I say this on the authority of the Oxford English Dictionary. 

(iv) Authority with or over — কর্তৃত্ব/ প্রাধান্য — He has no authority with or over his brother. 

(i) Avail (take advantage) (oneself) of — সুযোগ নেওয়া — I availed myself of his help.

(ii) Available to — যথারীতি, বাস্তবে — His help was available to me.

86. Avenge on — প্রতিশোধ নেওয়া — He will avenge himself on you.

87. Aware of — অবহিত — He is aware of the fact.

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