Grammar : Appropriate Preposition (I - J - K - L)

Appropriate Preposition

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( I )

295. Identical with — একই রকম — Your opinion is identical with (the same as) mine.

296. Ignorant of — অজ্ঞ — He is ignorant of the fact.

(i) Ill with, of (fever) — আক্রান্ত — He is ill with (or of) fever. 

(ii) Ill (go ill) with — মন্দ হওয়া — lt will go ill with you if you oppose me.

298. Immersed in (plunged) — গভীরভাবে জড়িত — He is immersed in debt.

299. Immune from, against, to — নিরাপদ — He is immune (secure) from or against or to infection. 

300. Implicated in — জড়িত — He is implicated (involved) in the plot.

301. Impose on, upon — চাপিয়ে দেওয়া — The task was imposed on him (put). He tried to impose upon me (deceive)

(i) Impress (a thing upon one's mind), (a person or thing) — চাপ ফেলা — l Impressed the lesson upon him.

(ii) Impress with (an idea) — প্রভাবিত করা — I impressed him with the idea.

303. Incentive to — উৎসাহদায়ক — This reward will be an incentive to (serve to bring forth) greater exertion.

304. Inclination to, for — ঝোঁক, অনুরাগ — He has no inclination (learning) to (or for) study.

(i) Include in — অন্তর্ভুক্ত করা — My name is included in the list.

(ii) Inclusive of — সমেত, সহকারে — The price is Tk. 1,000.00 inclusive of railway freight. 

306. Indebted to, for — ঋণী — I am indebted to you for my success. 

307. Independent of — স্বাধীন — He is independent of my help.

308. Indifferent to — উদাসীন — He is indifferent to my interests. 

309. Indispensable to — অপরিহার্য — Your help is indispensable to me (absolutely necessary). 

(i) Indulge in — অসংযত হওয়া — Do not indulge (অসংযত হওয়া) in wine.

(ii) Indulge with (a thing given) — প্রশ্রয় দেওয়া — You indulge him with your support. 

(iii) Indulgent to — প্রশ্রয়দানকারী — He is indulgent to his son.

311. Infected with — সংক্রমিত হওয়া — This house is infected with smallpox.

312. Infested with — উপদ্রব — This room is infested with rats.

313. Inflict (impose) on — আরোপ করা — A heavy fine was inflicted on me.

(i) Influence with, over (a person) — প্রভাব — I have no influence with or over him.

(ii) Influence upon (his decision) — প্রভাব — His speech had a great influence upon my mind.

(i) Inform against (a person) — অভিযোগ দায়ের করা — He informed (complained to) the police against me.

(ii) Inform of (a thing) — জানানো — I informed him of it.

316. Inherent in — সহজাত — This right in inherent is us.

317. Innocent of — নির্দোষ — I am innocent of the charge.

(i) Inquire of (a person) about — জানতে চাওয়া — I inquired of (asked) him about the matter. 

(ii) Inquire into (a matter) তদন্ত করা — We shall inquire into the matter.

319. Inquire for or after (try to get information by asking) — অনুসন্ধান করা — He is inquired for or after me.

320. Insensible to — অচেতন — He inquired after his sick friend (or, after my health)

321. Insist upon/ on — জেদ করা — He insists upon my doing this.

(i) Inspire (a person) with feeling — অনুপ্রাণিত করা — His words inspired us with courage. 

(ii) Inspire (feeling) into, in (a person) — অনুপ্রাণিত করা — His words inspired courage into or in us.

323. Instil into (infuse gradually) — ধীরে ধীরে অনুপ্রবেশ করানো — He instilled that idea into my mind.

324. Interest or interested in — আগ্রহী — I take interest (or, am interested) in this matter. 

(i) Interfere with (a person or thing) — হস্তক্ষেপ করা — Do not interfere with me, or in my business (meddle).

(ii) interfere in (a matter) — বাধা দেওয়া — ''Pleasure must not be allowed to interfere with (be an obstacle to) business." (Universal Dictionary) 

(i) Intimate with (adj.) — ঘনিষ্ঠ — I am intimate with him. 

(ii) Intimate to (verb) — ঘনিষ্ঠ — Intimate to (inform) me the time of his going arrival.

327. introduce to (a person), into (a room) — পরিচিত করানো — I introduced him to my brother, or into the family. 

328. Invite to (a party) — নিমন্ত্রণ জানানো — I invited him to dinner. 

329. Involved in — বিজড়িত — I am involved in debt.

330. Irrelevant to (a subject) — অপ্রাসঙ্গিক — His remark is irrelevant to the matter.

331. Irrespective of — গ্রাহ্য করে না এমন — We should love all men irrespective of caste or creed.

(i) Irritated at — উত্তেজিত — He is irritated at his behaviour. 

(ii) Irritated by, with — বিরক্ত — He was irritated by being kept waiting so long. He was irritated with me for my silence. 

333. Issue from — নির্গত হওয়া — A bear issued from the forest (came out).

( J )

334. Jealous of — ঈর্ষা পরায়ন — He is jealous of my fame.

(i) Join (a thing) to another — সংযুক্ত হওয়া (বস্তু) — Join this angle to that.

(ii) Join (one) with or to (another) — একত্র হওয়া — The two families were joined with or to each other by marriage. 

(iii) Join with (one) in (a thing or game) — একত্র হওয়া — Englishman joined with France to fight against Germany. / I join with you in your opposition to the bill. / I shall join in your game (also without in)

(i) Jump at (an offer) — সাদরে গ্রহণ করা — He jumped at (readily accepted) the offer.

(ii) Jump to (a conclusion) — তাড়াহুড়া করা — Do not jump to (from hastily) a conclusion. 

(iii) Jump with (joy) — উৎফুল্ল হওয়া — He jumped with joy to see me.

337. Justification of, for — ন্যায্যতা — What is justification of or for his conduct.

( K )

338. Key to — চাবিকাঠি — What is the key to the mystery? 

( L )

(i) Lack of — অভাব — I have no lack of friends. 

(ii) Lacking in (a thing) — অভাব — He is not lacking in politeness.

340. Lame of, in (one leg) — খোঁড়া — He is lame of or in one leg.

341. Laugh at — বিদ্রু করা — Do not laugh at the dwarf.

(i) Lavish (adj.) of money — প্রচুর — He is lavish of money, or in his expenditure. 

(ii) Lavish in (expenditure) — প্রচুর — He is lavish of money, or in his expenditure. 

(iii) Lavish (v) (favour) upon — প্রচুর পরিমাণে দেয়া — He lavished upon me.

(i) Lean against — ঠেস দেওয়া — He leaned against the wall for support. 

(ii) Lean on — ভর করা — He leaned on his stick. 

(iii) Lean upon — নির্ভর করা — I lean to my opinion. 

(iv) Lean to — একমত হওয়া — He leaned to my opinion. 

344. Liable to (harm), for (an action) — যোগ্য — He is liable to (likely to get) punishment for neglect of duty.

345. Limited to — সীমাবদ্ধ — Invitation was limited to members only.

(i) Live by (mean) — কোনো উপায়ে বেঁচে থাকা — He lives by honest means and for a high ideal.

(ii) Live on (food) — কোনো খাদ্য খেয়ে জীবন ধারণ করা — He lives on milk only. 

(iii) Live in, at (place) — কোনো স্থানে বাস করা — He lives in Dhaka, or at Rangpur. 

(iv) Live within (mean) — সাধ্যানুসারে চলা — He lives within or beyond his means.

347. Long for, after — আকাঙ্ক্ষা — Everybody longs (desires eagerly) for, or after happiness. 

348. Loyal to — অনুগত — He is loyal to his master.

349. Look for — খোঁজ করা, অনুসন্ধান করা — I am looking for a good job. 

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