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Coronavirus is a kind of respiratory disease caused by a new novel virus that causes infection in humans, animals and birds. A coronavirus is a kind of common virus that causes an infection in your nose, sines or upper throat. The viral disease has become one of the worst right mares in the world. The current outbreak of the novel coronavirus was first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019 which has now been detected in many locations internationally. The virus can easily speared through the respiratory system and contact routes. The symptoms depend on the virus, but the common signs include respiratory symptoms, fever, coughing, shortness of breathing, trouble breathing, fatigue, chills, something with shaking, body aches, headache, nausea and diarrhoea etc. are symptoms of coronavirus. Medical researchers are trying their hearts and soul to invent the vaccine to prevent coronavirus. Many of them have surrendered. But none of them is approved by the WHO. There's no way to tell how long the pandemic will continue. The WHO recommends basic hygiene such as regularly washing hands with soap and water, and covering your mouth with your elbow when sneezing or coughing. There are many factors, including the public's efforts to slow the spread, and researchers work to learn about the virus, their search for a treatment and the success of the vaccines. If everything goes on accordingly. We can hope you see an effective vaccine within 6 months. And in that period we should maintain physical distancing – keeping at least 1 metre (three feet) between yourself and others – particularly if they are coughing and sneezing and avoid touching your face, eyes and mouth with unwashed hands. So everyone should avoid the unnecessary, unprotected contact with animals and be sure to thoroughly wash hands after contact.

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Coronaviruses are mainly a big family of viruses that are highly capable of causing illness both in animals and humans. In the human body, several coronaviruses are causing respiratory infections. This infection can range from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). To date, the virus has taken around the lives of 3,000 people globally and the currently infected people around the world are over 90,000. The biggest problem with this virus is that it is spreading more than we have expected and the scientists have not yet found out any way to disinfect this virus. The scientific name of the most recently discovered coronavirus disease is COVID-19. There are actually no perfect initial symptoms of this disease in the human body. Sometimes it takes a longer time to detect the disease in the human body, though the presence of the virus is from long before. The primary symptom of this disease is cold, try coughing, fever, tiredness, etc. for several days. Some patients may experience nasal congestion, aches and pains, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhoea. Though there is a full cure for the disease by proper treatment, a lot of people have died because of this disease at the same time. So we should all be careful and keep ourselves safe from this virus and disease. Coronavirus is first seen in Wuhan, China, on 31st December 2019, but it has already spread in many countries across the world. The virus is very deadly and it can spread at a faster speed than we expect or imagine. We can see the proof of its ability to spread at a faster speed if we look at the list of infected countries around the world. After spreading to some other areas of China, this virus has also spread to many other countries such as Japan, Korea, America, France, Malaysia, Iran, India, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, UK, Hong Kong, Sweden, Canada, Vietnam, and many other countries. Several reports are showing that the number of Coronavirus infected countries are now almost 115 countries and territories. There is not yet any vaccine, drug, or treatment invented for Coronavirus or COVID-19. That is why this is the highest tension point for all. So if anyone gets infected by this virus, he or she should receive care to relieve symptoms and if it results in serious illness then he or she should be hospitalized. Scientists are trying to come up with possible vaccines and some specific drug treatments that are now under investigation.

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