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Paragraph : COVID-19 : The Frontline Fighters

COVID-19 : The Frontline Fighters

The healthcare personnel are the frontline fighters of COVID–19. COVID–19 is an infectious disease. This deadly virus has already claimed thousands of lives in the world and is still counting. However, the healthcare personnel like doctors, nurses, paramedics, microbiologists etc are fighting with whatever they have against this invisible enemy to save the mankind. The situation would be unthinkable if they stopped working even for a day. Day and night, the healthcare professionals are treating thousands of COVID patients putting their lives. Their sacrifice can be marked as 'one of the greatest'. Especially in a country like Bangladesh where the medical facilities are the minimal, those frontline fighters are at even more risk. They are the heroes without capes. They have rendered their service bravely in the face of death. They should be recognized and honoured like true heroes, the bravest of all. Thus, the frontline fighters are the real soldiers who can defeat the COVID–19.

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