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Paragraph : COVID-19 : Symptoms and Prevention

COVID-19 : Symptoms and Prevention

COVID –19 or corona-virus Disease 2019 is a highly infectious respiratory disease. The common symptoms of this disease are high fever, dry cough, tiredness, loss of sense of taste or smell, muscle aches, headache, sore throat, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. But serious patients may also experience acute shortness of breath and pneumonia. Aged people and those with underlying medical problems such as asthma, heart disease, diabetes, etc are more likely to develop serious illness. Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for COVID–19. Many countries including Bangladesh are on the way to develop vaccines for this virus. So, preventive measures are the best way to stay safe from COVID–19. We must wear face mask while going out or face a crowd, wash or sanitize our hands frequently, avoid touching face, nose and eye, cover our face and nose with a tissue or by elbow while sneezing or coughing and maintain at least a distance of 3meters while confronting people outside. Besides, we can make our immune system stronger by following the health rules, taking nutritious food, drinking a lot of liquid and doing light exercise. While we are waiting for a cure of COVID–19, we must follow these measures to prevent COVID–19.

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