Paragraph : How to COVID–19 Spreads

How to COVID–19 Spreads

COVID–19 is a severe respiratory disease caused by a Novel Coronavirus called SARS–CoV–2. SARS–CoV–2 spreads through close contact with an infected person. This virus spreads when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. The virus comes out through the nose and mouth in droplets, and if a healthy person inhales the droplets, he or she will be affected too. The droplets can also sit on the surface of any object. When someone touches that surface with bare hands, the virus gets transmitted to these hands. After that, if the person touches his nose, mouth, or eyes, the virus gets into his respiratory system. After getting infected, a person might remain asymptomatic for several days or weeks. This means that the infected person can unknowingly affect other healthy people. To avoid infection, social distancing, wearing masks while staying outside, Washing hands with soap and water frequently, or cleaning hands with hand –sanitiser may help. Besides, we can make our immune system stronger by following the health rules, taking nutritious food, a lot of liquid and doing light exercise. While we are waiting for a cure of COVID–19, we must follow these measures to prevent COVID–19.

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