Paragraph : My Mother

My Mother

My mother is the most favourite person in me. She is a middle-aged, cheerful plump woman. She is of medium height. She is a brunette with grey hair. Most of the time, she keeps her hair untidy. Sometimes she combs her hair with plaits. She has a pointed chin with turned-up nose. She has high cheekbones, thin lips and high-forehead. She has a beauty spot on her cheek. When she smiles, dimples are seen. These two features can be termed as her distinguishing feature. The colour of her eyes is grey-brown. She has long eyelashes. She has got fairly complexion. She is very casual but always well-dressed. When she goes out for social occasions, she looks elegant. She possesses a very pleasant personality. She is very friendly and dear to me. On the other hand, she is very calm and thoughtful. She is very caring and sharing. She takes great care of our family members. She loves us very much. We also love her immensely. She is the apple of my eyes. My life without her would be a desert. I like my mother anything else.

Same composition collected from another book

My mother is the most precious and caring person in my life. She is my first, foremost and best friend. She cares for me and loves me a lot. She stands by me in my good as well as bad times. My mother wakes me up early in the morning for school. She prepares nutritious breakfast and tiffin for me. She waits at the door when I come back from the school. My mother helps me with my homework. At bed time she tells me nice stories. She teaches me to go on the right path and do the right things. She is like a first teacher for me who taught me to speak, walk, behave well and many more good things. She always inspires me to do something good for the society and the country. I love my mother very much and I can never forget the sacrifices she made for me.
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