Paragraph : My Father

My Father

My father is one of the persons who I like most. He is an elderly person. He is in his 55’s. He is a very well-built person with broad-shoulder. He is tall and fairly handsome. The colour of his hair is still back. He has a long and round chin. The colour of his eyes is grey-black. He has bushy eyelashes. He has straight nose. He has high-cheekbones, high forehead and full lips. He has beard and moustache on his face. He has sideburns. He has got wrinkles because of his age. He is very calm and thoughtful as well as very friendly and sociable. He is lively-sophisticated too. He is a very dignified man. He is always well-dressed. So, he looks smart and elegant. He adores all and sundry. He is very mindful of our family affairs. He tries to make us happy all the time. He is very honest and devoted to his works. He keeps in his words at any circumstances. So, all of our family members, relatives as well as neighbours like him very much. Not only they but also his colleagues like and respect him. I like the characteristics he possesses. I am proud of having such an ideal father. 
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