Paragraph : My Brother

My Brother

My elder brother, Arif is a kind-hearted sincere and very cooperative young man. I like him very much. He is in his 26’s. He is a very well-built person with brawny muscles. He has a broad-shoulder. He is tall and fairly handsome. He is a meritorious student of Dhaka University. He is studying Physics Final Year. He is quite reserved, calm and thoughtful but it does not mean that he is not friendly. He is very friendly and lively-sophisticated. He is always well dressed. So, he looks smart and elegant like my father. He is very caring and sharing. He loves and takes great care of our family members. Every Thursday evening, he comes home from the university hall. He spends the whole Friday with us. He loves me very much. I too, like him so much for the above characteristics. He is my dear brother. I am very proud to have such an ideal brother.
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