Paragraph : My Sister

My Sister

My sister name is Tania. I like her very much. She is one of the most favourite persons to me. She is in her mid-20’s. She is a cheerful slim girl. She is tallish. She is a brunette like my mother. Her hair is brown-black with ponytail. She has a cleft chin with long nose. She has high cheekbones, full lips and high forehead. She has a mole on her face. She is well made-up. Dimples smile on her cheeks. She is a fair-skinned girl. Her eyes are very beautiful. The apple of her eyes is black. She has thin eyebrows, thick eyelashes. She possesses a very soothing personality. She is quiet, reserved, calm and thoughtful. On the other hand, she is very social and amicable. She is polite and well-behaved. She is very fashionable and sophisticated. She is very caring and sharing. She always loves and takes great care of our family members. I like her very much for the above characteristics. She is my dear sister.
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