Composition : My Village Home

My Village Home

My home is situated in the village of Sonargaon in the district of Narayanganj. It is about two miles long and one mile broad. A canal flows by its southern side. The District Board road is to the north. To the east and the west, there are cornfields. 

Our house is a one-storied pucca building. There are six rooms in it. One is a parlour; three are bedrooms, one is a kitchen and one is a dining room. There is an open lawn around our house. There is a cow-shed at the northern corner of the lawn. There is a flower garden in front of the parlour. When flowers bloom our house looks very beautiful, there is a tank on the northern side of it. We near up fish in it. We do not drink water. There is a tube-well near the kitchen. Its water is used for cooking and drinking purposes. There is a kitchen garden at the back of our house where we grow vegetables. It saves us from buying vegetables. Mother cooks various dishes with these vegetables. We eat them with relish. There are many fruit trees in the compound of our house. Most of them are mango and jack-fruit trees. 

The poet has truly said : “Home, home sweet home, there’s no place like home.” A toil-worn man refreshes his mind and energy by the peaceful touch of home. My home has a great influence in the mind and character. It is very dear to me. The total set-up of my village home is very helpful and useful to us. I am proud of my village home as it provides me with sufficient comforts.

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